Are you trying to learn how to stop internet addiction? Do you enjoy using the internet, but sometimes feel like it's too much? If you need to break internet addiction that has a negative impact on your weight, sleeping patterns, or general productivity, there are things you can do. The internet is a wonderful tool, and you should still use Email, socialize online, and conduct research, play games, write eHow articles, or whatever it is you enjoy. This article will help you balance your time on and offline and learn how to stop internet addiction.

How to Write an Autobiography EssayCredit: Amberdawn 2011Record how much time you spend online each day. Do this for one or 2 weeks. This is a better measure to help you break internet addiction than counting a single day, since a person can usually overcome an addition for a day or two, but not 2 weeks. To learn how to stop internet addiction you need to know the degree of your addiction, and time spent is the easiest measure.

Set a goal for yourself for how much time you feel is acceptable to spend online. If you spend 4 hours per day and you feel that you can probably check your Email, socialize, and play a game in 2 hours, and break internet addiction to random browsing, that should be your goal. If you spend 2 hours every day online, and feel that that you want to spend 1 hour each weekday to check your mail and socialize, and you will only spend 2 hours playing games on weekends, then that's up to you too. Your goal needs to be what you actually want, because quantifying your goal is how to stop internet addiction.

Create a list of things that you need to be doing instead of being on the internet. This might be housework, exercise, studying, or paperwork. This is not just to articulate your reason for why you want to break internet addiction. It will also give you distractions when you implement your plan for how to stop internet addiction.

Stick to your goal. One way to methodically break internet addiction is to set a timer once you sit down. Set it for 15 minutes less than your goal, so you can hit "snooze" once and quickly finish up whatever you were working on. Then immediately go do one of the things on your list that you made in step 3. These distractions are why you decided to learn how to stop internet addiction, so you're already motivated to get right to them. This should ideally be a physical task, such as housework or exercise, and then studying or paperwork can be done second.

When you feel ready to move on from the alarm clock, use your natural body cues to break internet addiction and know when it's time to take a break. When you find your back starting to stiffen, get up and go do something physical. Alternatively, use hunger as a cue to take a break from the internet instead of eating while you're at the computer. This is especially important if you are trying to learn how to stop internet addiction due to weight gain.

Remember, the definition of addiction is something that you do in excess so that it negatively affects your life. If you reasons why you feel you should spend less time on the internet, you can break internet addiction. Good luck!