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Things to Say Dearing a Break-up

Breaking up is hard to do, that is what people say anyways. I remember the first time I’ve ever broken up with someone for the first time I felt so bad and guilty. The second time I broke up with someone I had my friend do it for me on three way, and she ended up telling his father, how rude was that. But how do you break up with someone without hurting their feelings, too much? Here are some concepts that will help you out.

The Stress-Free Way Out

The stress-free out is of course through text, Facebook, Twitter, or Voicemail. This way you’re not having to deal with the face-to-face and having to hear their voice. This helps you feel less guilty and it is also the coward way out, but there is nothing wrong with that. But what is your reason why you are breaking up. Here are things to say:

  1. It’s just going to work out between the two of us.
  2. You worthy of something better than this.
  3. All we do is argue all the time with each other.
  4. I’m just trying to do what is right for both you and me.
  5. Please do not be mad at me, we can still be friends.

 On the Phone

Breaking up over the phone is ok too because you are actually having a conversation with the person that you are breaking up with and you are telling him/her what you’re feelings are. You never know they could be feeling the same way too. Here are things to say:

  1. Not once, did I cheat on you, I promise.
  2. I just want things to go back to how it was between us.
  3. I hope that we can still be friends, after this.
  4. I’m so sorry.
  5. I feel like I need some space, to get my life together.

Doing it to Face-to-Face

If you feel like you need to do it in person because you owe them that respect that is good. I do believe in confront people face-to-face. Here are things to say:

  1. I’m not in love with you anymore, like how I used to be.
  2. You’re more like a friend to me.
  3. I just want some space from you and for myself.
  4. I think that you are an amazing person, you deserve better than me.
  5. I’m going variations a lot of changes in my life.