If you are having trouble ending a relationship, there are many reason why this is occurring. The number one reason that you do not know how to break up with someone is because you do not know truly what you want. If you understood yourself and life path, you would know that being with someone in a relationship is not in your best interest. You would understand that the relationship itself is unproductive and codependent and therefore requires a certain amount of distance and detachment in and of itself. If you do not know how to break up with someone or are having trouble doing so, it is probably either because you do not know what you want or it is because you do not want to hurt the other persons feelings. This is no reason why you should not break up with someone.

If you want to know how to break up with someone, then follow these simple guidelines:

Make sure that when you tell someone you want to break up with them that you do it with firmness. If this is something that you really want then you will be able to do it with no problem. It is not your responsibility nurture someone else's emotional well-being after a break up or during a relationship. If you are afraid that a person is going to take it hard after a relationship breakup, then it is the persons problem and not yours and that person has to take the time to get their emotions in check and to find their identity instead of depending on someone else to do that for them. If you find that you are the type of person to want to emotionally nurture someone, make sure that you are doing it for all the right reasons.

Another way to break up with someone is by simply stating that you are not married and there should not be a commitment in a relationship until marriage. If you are dating someone and there is an expectation in the relationship for commitment, be aware that it is more about control than anything. If two people in a relationship were actually in love and it was working out, there would be no need to commit, or get together. There would be no breaking up, there would just be a healthy relationship. If you have to break up in a relationship, get out of the relationship and if you find someone else, do not make it about committing and breaking up unless you are getting married and unless you want to go through something like this all over again.