There are those times in life that it just seems impossible to come up with something good to write about. And even if you finally decide what to write about, it seems impossible to get any sentence on paper or screen. There are however ways to break this writer´s block and because I know almost everybody writing online suffers from this every so often, I thought it was a good idea to share my thoughts.

When I first started investigating ways to make money online, I never realised the amount of time I would spend writing articles. And the longer I am in this line of work, the harder the truth sets in, in order to be successful online, you will have to publish a vast amount of content.

That content can either be written by you yourself or outsourced but chances are, you will be doing a lot of writing especially in the beginning when there are no funds available to outsource even if you wanted to. The more you write, the more likely you will stumble into a writer´s block and to be honest, the only way to really get out of it, is to write.

You can make excuses after excuse for not writing at all and spending all your time on whatever comes up in your mind, but no matter how much time you take off, if you want to break the block, you must start writing as soon as possible.

The easiest way to do this is just to sit down and start writing about anything that has brought joy in your life, anything you feel, anything that made you smile, anything you are passionate about, whether that be in a good way or whether you are passionate about a pet peeve, anything that will inspire you with thoughts can work out.

As on online marketer, many times we have to write about topics that are totally boring and difficult to come up with something interesting to say. Add to that that it is important to write in a certain way if we want to reach our goal of having our visitors either click a link or feel tempted to buy something, and writing a vast amount of online content can become a real drag.

So there are times that one should just go back to writing about whatever, without having to think about the keyword in mind, the keyword density the article needs to have or the best way to optimize it for the search engines. Sometimes we just need to write for the sake of writing, just for fun and be able to get back into some sort of rhytm that will later down the line help us to write those SEO´d articles on the keywords we think could make us money.

How to find these topics that are easier to get the writer´s juices going? Think about something in your childhood that you loved doing. Or maybe your favorite sport or pass-time. The best holiday you ever had or think about the perfect holiday you would love to make someday. Plan it in your head, see it, envision it and then just start writing about how wonderful it would be to finally do that one thing you have been dreaming about your whole life.

Another thing that could work for you is to remember the last discussion you had. If it was about a topic you care about, it could easily be converted into an article that could get you going again.

If after staring at your empty screen for too long, you find there really is not a thing you could write about and you just can´t find any gram of motivation anymore, just turn off the computer. Go for a walk down town and pay attention to the people around you. In fact, start paying attention to everything around you. Notice the way people walk, the way they dress, the way they seem to feel, the way they communicate. Look around in your neighborhood and pay attention to the houses, the cars, they way they are looked after, they way they are cared for.

Keep on walking and just breathe in fresh air, and just don´t think about writing anymore, but become one with your surroundings so to say. Chances are that the moment you turn off your writer´s mind, ideas will start popping up in your head unexpectedly, so make sure you do carry a little piece of paper and pen to jot down ideas, but don´t force anything.

Just let things flow and really relax, focusing on other things in life for a while, without worrying about not being able to write. Just enjoy yourself for the time that you are outside so that once you are back in front of your computer screen again, you feel energized and optimistic and you can carry over that feeling to your future readers and thus easily meet your daily writing goals.

Whenever I run into this brick wall of not being able to type another word, I just turn off the computer and leave the office. Go for a brisk walk with the dogs, maybe have a little refreshment outside on some terrace and just start looking at the people walking by. That always seems to work for me to get inspired again to at least start writing, and once I am back in the flow, I can go back to writing those articles that will eventually make me money.

By the way, one thing that is extremely helpful when you are not able to come up with unique new fresh content, is just going back to on of your websites or any other type of published content and reread any of the articles written on there and just start building links to them by rewriting them in short and submitting them to all sorts of article directories or a special guest posting system.

Rewriting really does not need inspiration and seeing that you already know the topic you want to write about because you have already done that in the past, it becomes easier to make a shorter version of that same article to use in your promotion efforts. This technique always seems to work for me and if I can´t get myself to do this, it means I am not dealing with writer´s block but just plain laziness.