We’ve all been there – one cup of coffee every morning turns into two, into three, and before we know it, we’re stuck. It’s hard to know how to break a caffeine addiction. It seems that no matter what you do, you can’t shake it. Luckily, there is a way to kick the habit and start living a healthier and more energetic life.

Break your addiction to coffeeWhy Stop Drinking Caffeine?

We all have a personal reason why we want to quit drinking caffeine every day. Here are a few of the biggest ones most people have:

  1. Headaches – This is probably the most common reason most people decide to stop drinking caffeine. We’ve all felt the migraine-like, pulsing headache that comes when we don’t get our fix every day. This is the number one reported of all the caffeine withdrawal symptoms.
  2. Energy – It’s interesting how something that is supposed to give us energy can actually take it away from us. Although caffeine does give a very considerable boost in energy and focus, it’s only temporary. In a few hours you’ll crash and come down off your caffeine-induced high and be even more tired and irritable than before. This is especially inconvenient since it always seems to happen during those afternoon meetings or during the time you were planning on hitting the gym.
  3. Mountain Dew AddictionHealth and Fitness – Caffeine is not the worst thing you can have in your diet every day, but depending on how you get it, it might be. I used to drink massive amounts of Mt. Dew every day. I started running and working out regularly and cut it out of my daily diet when I stopped consuming large amounts of processed sugars.
  4. Personal Reasons - Personally for me, I didn’t want to have to depend on caffeine anymore to function every day. I enjoy hiking and camping didn’t want to have to haul some kind of caffeine (my vise was Mt. Dew) along with me every time I went out in the wilderness.

How to Break a Caffeine Addiction

There are a couple options for dealing with how to stop drinking caffeine:

  1. Quit Cold-Turkey – This approach is the most drastic. You simply choose one day to quit drinking all caffeine. The advantage to this tactic is that you immediately remove all temptation to consume it from you and just try to ignore it. The downside is that the headaches and symptoms can be almost unbearable. Many people choose to quit drinking this way, and with the proper support, it seems to work well.
  2. Slowly Stop – This approach is a different in that you don’t quit consuming caffeine immediately. Instead, you drink less and less every day until eventually you’re consuming so little that your body doesn’t need it anymore. This is the tactic that I used to quit drinking Mt. Dew and it worked well for me. It’s easy to set up: Find a calendar and on each day for the next 14 to 30 days, write down the goal amount of caffeine to drink. Decrease the amounts every day until you’re drinking almost nothing.

My personal twist on this technique was to then add up the total amount of Mt. Dew that I’d be drinking over the next month, and take a trip to the grocery store. I bought all the Mt. Dew I’d need for the next 30 days and swore (in front of my family and friends) that I would not buy any more. This removed a lot of the temptation to drink more than my daily amount since I knew that I’d only be hurting myself later.

It seems like an impossible feat before you start, but I’ve shown you how to break a caffeine addiction in this article. It worked for me and I know it will work for you too. The important thing is that you start today!

Good luck! Let me know in the comments below how you beat your caffeine addiction!