You have let your blog die and now regret it . . . What can you do?

You CAN bring it back to life in most cases.

Let’s Define Life

Blogs should be aimed at people. That is your only chance in today’s post-Penguin environment. You need to attract people and the only way to do that is to have something worth looking at on your site. Making money has to come second to attracting readers.

If your blog has been a MFA (Made for Adsense) site then you need to abandon that mind-set altogether. The site you have is worth keeping if the URL is not too specifically narrow niche targeted. Aged domains are better than new ones.

How to do a Phoenix on Your Blog

1)      Start writing posts on it again

Everything you write needs to be original, unique, near-perfect English and top quality.

If you cannot write good English then you have two options; hire someone who can, or write in your own language.

You need to add posts to your blog regularly, daily is best. Set aside quality writing time and make this a priority task every day.

2)      Interlink your posts

Internal links are important. They help your readers to find related posts and keep them on your site for longer, reducing your bounce rate.

Bounces are when a reader reads one page of your site and clicks away again without visiting any other pages. A low bounce rate is seen by search engines as an indication that you have interesting material on your site.

You can use a free automatic internal link building WordPress plugin initially.

3)      Add images

Images break up your posts and make them more attractive and easier to read. Again, notice that you are catering to your audience.

Adding images can also give you an edge in searches, too. You can add alt. text and descriptions to each image that are seen by Google, Bing and Yahoo, and people do find your site by searching on these terms.

4)      Linking out

The Internet depends on pages linking to other pages. If your blog posts do not link out then they are seen as “unnatural”, which can affect your search ranking.

Link out to authority sites and interlink with other bloggers in the same niche. You are helping your readers to find more information on the subject. Helping readers is what it is all about.

Make all your links to external sites open in new pages, which means your visitor does not actually leave your site when he or she clicks on an external link.

The easiest way to find relevant external links is to install Zemanta, a free WordPress plugin. You can add your own sites to Zemanta and get links from other Zemanta users. It also finds relevant images for you. Altogether Zemanta is actually worth paying for, but it is free.

5)      Slowly deleting old posts

Avoid a mass deletion of any older, poorer quality posts, but have a gradual weeding out process instead.

6)      Limit ads and affiliate links

Your first priority is to bring your blog back to life and to increase your readership. There is no point having ads before you have readers. The ads are there to help your readers remember.

Nobody likes a site where the ads are ‘in your face’ and clearly designed to make you money.

7)      Be Yourself

There are millions of blog posts added to the Internet clutter every day. The only way to stand out is to be different. Voice your opinion and have a debate with your readers. Interaction is the way to go.

8)      Be Linkworthy

Building your own links to your material is a lot of hard work and gives you an unnatural link profile. However, if you have good materials on your blog then other people will link to you. (Zemanta helps here, too).

I use another WP plugin RePost.US, which encourages bloggers to repost your material, giving you a link back in the process.

Unique images, Infographics and charts all help to attract links.

9)      Look Good

The design of your blog is important. It shows you care and are investing time and money in it. A unique design helps you to stand out from the crowd

In Summary

You can rebuild that blog; just do it the right way.

Rebuild it to appeal to readers; provide unique information and a service and watch your readership grow.