Easter is almost here and everyone is looking for new ways to reinvent their home for family and friends that come for the Easter holiday. Whether you are hosting a Sunday brunch at your home, or you are having a barbecue in the backyard, Easter is the perfect holiday to infuse color throughout your table, decor, and table linens. From spring floral ideas to using your kids’ holiday crafts from school as centerpieces, the options are limitless. Here are a few ways to bring color to your holiday table and brighten up your Easter home.

Nature’s beautiful colors:  Believe it or not bringing nature to your holiday table is the easiest way to bring color to your decor. A vase of your favorite flowers or a basket full of fresh fruit such as lemons, limes, and green apples can add instant color and are edible. For a more rustic appeal try adding branches, pinecones and intertwine pastel ribbon, flowers and colorful Easter eggs for a lively centerpiece that is sure to catch everyone’s eye!

Decorative table linen: The beauty of table linen is the ability to change it quickly and add or detract as many layers of patterns, colors, and textures as you want. For an outdoor event consider using heavier weight linens to avoid being blown away. Colorful Easter decor and plastic eggs filled with rocks or jellybeans can act as weights for each corner of your tablecloths. Layer colorful paper placemats and baskets of crayons and colored pencil for kids to play with as the wait for their Easter meal to be served. Coordinate table linen with chair covers or seat cushion for a more formal meal inside your dining room. Consider alternating colorful napkins, napkin holders and dinnerware to bring your Easter table alive with color and creativity.

Whether you are enjoying an intimate Easter holiday meal with a few close friends or you are expecting the neighbors and many friends, these helpful color ideas can brighten your Easter meal. Bring your children’s artwork to the table to use as playful centerpieces, and even write guest names on coordinating place cards. Your table will have a custom look and will hold sentimental value and warmth to your festivities. For quick table ideas visit your favorite party store and get paper products such as napkins, cups and disposable cutlery in pretty pastel colors. Easter doesn’t have to be a fussy holiday, just a fun one that you cherish for years to come!