Bringing happiness during the holidays is easy and fun, all you need is the right attitude and the willingness to share your happiness with others.

Things You Will Need

To bring happiness during the holidays you will need only to be happy and be willing to give of yourself and your time

Step 1

The way to bring happiness during the holidays begins with the determination that you will not be sad, your will not be negative and you will always be cheerful.

The first step is to find places to share your happiness.:

Hospitals. nursing homes, shelters, food banks, Red Cross, assisted living homes are a few places. Don't over look the military families in your area as well.

Here is what you can do:

Read books to those who are not able to see anymore

Give a talk about travels at a Senior Center

Offer to go shopping for someone

Make a gift basket of necessitiy items for someone in need

Provide transportation

Offer to baby sit while they shop

Bake some gookies for the kids and the seniors they always love them.

Offer to wrap Christmas presents

Run errands

Most of all bring a cheeful smile and a friendly face to share.

Offer to play board games or cards with shut ins

If you think of someone you love that may need these things and they are not near think what it would be like for those you can reach and do it for them.

Every year during the holidays you will find people who have lost someone during the year and this will be their first Holiday season without them. Sharing your time with them is the most precious gift you can give. It matters not what age you are, if you are able you can be of help to others. The holiday season is a special time of the year, that need not be the only time we share of ourselves but it is a start.

Tips & Warnings

It is understandable that while doing these things you will experience time of joy, as well as times of sorrow. Just know what ever you so is more than was done before. A smile brightens a room like no candle can.