If you have ever been pregnant or as in my case, been a part of pregnancy, then you will understand the frustration that occurs when a due date comes and goes and that baby that you thought you would be holding is making a last stand from coming out. The fact is that over 70% of all babies delivered are late-comers. And as a husband that has had to deal with massaging swollen feet and giving back rubs to alleviate my wife's lower back issues as well as deal with overall grumpiness because she is tired, I can tell you first hand the stress that you have to deal with as the due date approaches.

So are there methods that will help bring on labor without the typical schedule labored induction that is fairly common? The answer is yes and the best part of this news is that the following procedures have been tried for years and work.

When it comes to inducing labor the #1 cause of late term pregnancy is that your cervix is not ripening fast enough. So, it is only common sense to know that in order to spur on labor, you need to do things that will soften up the cervical wall.

Here are a few things that will help soften up the cervix and help induce labor naturally....

  1. Sex- If your wife can stand it, then sex is the easiest way to naturally induce labor. There is simply not one thing that can induce labor quicker. The secret is actually in the semen that is produced. Actually, it isn't necessarily the semen but the prostaglandin in the semen. Prostaglandin helps to soften up the cervix and prepare for labor. As far as prostaglandin is concerned, there is nothing that compares to semen.
  2. Evening Primrose Pills- Once upon a time it was believed that evening primrose induced labor because of another reason (which is unimportant). However, scientific research has determined that evening primrose works because of the levels of prostaglandin that it contains. It doesn't contain as much as semen but will work in the event that you or your wife aren't in the mood in the later parts of pregnancy. You should take primrose starting in the beginning of the third term of your pregnancy and take it orally. When your due date starts to get closer, you can actually insert the pill directly into the vagina (it ain't the same as sex but will help spur on labor. The earlier you take it, the riper the cervix will be. Trust me, when you are in labor, you want your cervix to be as ripe as possible as this will shorten labor as well.
  3. Castor Oil- Castor oil is a mid wives secret and has been used for years as a safe way to induce labor. Castor oil does not contain prostaglandin though and has nothing to do with ripening the cervix. Instead, castor oil creates spasms in the uterine wall that stimulates the uterus to contract. Of course, this comes with a downside. For one, castor oil tastes absolutely terrible and it stimulates the uterine wall to the point where you will have to go to the bathroom fairly quickly.
There you have it. 3 verified ways to induce and bring on labor naturally and safely. These are confirmed to work and will help even the most stubborn baby begin the long, arduous path down the uterine tube.

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