Wood TrellisA garden trellis for handling unruly plants can be everything from a simple wooden frame with wooden slats nailed across it or an elaborate structure made from a large assortment of materials. Most trellis's today are made from wood, metal or PVC. PVC is gaining in popularity due to the fact that it doesn't have to be painted and it doesn't suffer from rot or rust. Trellis's can stand alone in the middle of the garden, have a planter box attached at the bottom, be located next to a building or be a part of another structure such as a garden arbor. Here I give instructions to build a very simple wooden trellis that can be built with limited tools and carpentry skills.

Things You Will Need

hammer, four 1"x2"x8' rot resistant wood such as cedar, cypress, redwood or pressure treated, rust resistant nails or screws, screw driver (A power drill type driver is recommended if screws are used), saw, tape measure, pencil

Step 1

Trellis Lumber

Purchase the needed wood and nails or screws at your local home supply store or lumber yard. Most sell the 1"x2" boards in 8' lengths. The actual size of the boards is 3/4"x1 3/4". The 1"x2" measurement that lumber is sold is its rough cut or unfinished size before the wood is processed.

Step 2

Since some of the boards may be slightly more or less than an even 8 feet, make sure that you cut them to the exact same length before you do any other cutting. After they are all the same length, divide them by 4 to get the actual length of each cross board.

Step 3


Cut 2 of the 1"x2"x8' boards to a length of 7 feet. These will be the two main support rails that the cross boards will be attached to.

Step 4

Measure and cut the remaining 1"x2"x8' boards at the measured length obtained in Step Two above. These will be used as the cross boards. You should be able to get four cross boards from each of the remaining boards for a total of eight.

Step 5

Measure 8" from the top of the two 7' boards and attach one of the cross boards to each board. I recommend using two nails or two screws at each connection point to help keep the trellis from racking.

Step 6

Measure 6" from the bottom of the first cross board and attach the second cross board. Continue in this manner until all eight of the cross boards are attached. There should be approximately 12" remaining at the bottom of the 7' boards.

Step 7

Minwax Stain and Polyurethane for Trellis

You can now leave the trellis in a natural finish or paint it whatever color you would like using an exterior paint or stain.

A trellis for handling unruly plants can benefit not only the plant but also improve your homes curb appeal. Use the instructions to build a very simple wooden trellis that can be built with limited tools and carpentry skills.

Tips & Warnings

The longer section at the bottom of the Trellis can be planted in the ground or a planter box to help secure it or it can be attached to a wall or some other structure.

When ever working with tools, safety glasses are recommended. Dust masks are also recommended to be worn when cutting pressure treated wood due to the chemicals used to treat the wood.