Everyone likes coffee. A coffee table has become an intimate part of any household. With ever increasing prices, it becomes difficult for the general populace to bring home a coffee table of their choice. Getting better quality cheap coffee tables is another uphill task. The price of cheap coffee tables is low, but so is the quality. If somehow there existed good quality cheap coffee tables, then it would only be because they lack the aesthetic charm. So what’s the remedy to this problem? The answer is homemade wooden coffee tables. Yes, you can build cheap coffee tables from wood. They are good quality; they are cheap and can be designed to suit your house interior.

So is it difficult to make cheap coffee tables from wood? No, absolutely not! The simple design of readymade tables such as Winsome wood coffee tables can be a good inspiration that you can aim at.

The First Step To Build A Homemade Coffee Table

The first step would be to choose the wood you wish to use for the cheap coffee tables, and buy sufficient amount of it considering an average timber coffee table would measure 16”-24” high and 24”-48” long. Next you need to cut the wood you bought, into appropriate size to form the table top. Remember to mill the wood properly to get rid of all the unevenness and other defects. Make the table legs in the same way. You can always contact a professional workman to help you out.

After you have made all the parts, get ready to put them all together. The most durable and reliable type of joint you can easily use is the mortise and tenon joint. Clamp the legs to the skirt by using mortise and tenon joint, and check if they are perfectly aligned. Next, apply glue inside the mortises and then fixed the legs firmly on the skirt. This part is not as simple as it seems, and if you are not careful with the alignment and leg lengths, you might end up with a wobbly table. The next and the final part is to make the wooden top and fix it to the rest of the table. Since the top is the part that will actually be used the most, it should be made with perfect dimensions. Once you have assembled your table, it’s time to apply varnish.

Depending on the texture and roughness of the table’s surface, apply 2-3 coats of varnish to your wooden coffee table. The stain is your choice totally. Once this is done, leave it to dry. Congratulations! Your cheap wooden coffee table is now complete.

The Benefits Of Building Your Own Coffee Table From Wood

Homemade wooden coffee tables are very advantageous as they can be built according to your wish. Not only square or rectangular, you can also try building a round top table such as Winsome Wood round coffee table can be used for various purposes other. For example, there are some convertible coffee tables whose height can be adjusted. These can be used as small buffet tables or dining table for the couples. These can also be used as children’s study table. Their wooden built ensures sturdiness and durability.

Homemade wooden coffee tables are cheap, durable and multifarious in nature. They can be designed according to our wish and hence are best suited for any household.