The over 50's body is very different to that of a much younger person, therefore you need to adapt your training to suit. If you are looking for ways on how to build muscle at 50 and over this article will help you. Lets cover 4 top tips that you really should know, plus always before you start a new programme or diet consult your doctor first.

~ Build Muscle At 50 and Over Tips:

#1. Weight train 3 days per week - This is an ideal number of days to train as it allows your body plenty of time to fully rest and recuperate, this is when muscles grow. The decades old proven "push-pull" routine is very effective. Try Chest-Shoulders-Triceps then next workout do Legs-Back-Biceps. Alternate these 2 routines on Mon-Wed-Fri or Tues-Thurs-Sat as a good guideline.

#2. Focus on compound movements - The compound movements such as bench press, squats/leg press, chins, barbell curls etc should be your first exercise for reach body part you train. These are the ones that build mass quickly and gain you the continued strength to reach your genetic potential.

#3. You are what you eat - If you have developed man boobs or a heavy waist then its time for some good, clean eating habits. Aim for 5 - 6 small meals per day and keep your protein high, carbs low and fats like trans fats should be avoided at all cost. At least over half of your meals should come from whole foods and the remainder from meal replacement shakes/bars for convenience. To build muscle at 50 plus you have to eat lots of small meals as your body can only assimilate so many nutrients in one sitting.

#4. Low impact cardio - I would imagine that your joints cannot take the pounding like they could in your younger years. To avoid any joint problems aim to train on the cross trainer, life cycle or even outdoors for some Nordic Walking. They all put less stress on your joints and its a good idea to keep the intensity low. As time progresses and you become fitter then add in some interval bursts for faster fat burning. Try to do 3 - 5 cardio sessions for 30 minutes every week. Lets keep that body fat level low so all your muscular gains will show through.

~ Build Muscle At 50 And Over - Conclusion:

The basis of these 4 tips will keep you building muscle and hopefully you'll stay injury free due to the time spent training and resting. Always stretch after every session to stay flexible and learn as much as you can about exercises, rest, and nutrition to build muscle quickly.

Building muscle fast at 50+ is easy when you know how.