For a number of years the focus of society has been the self confidence levels of teen girls. Lost in this important battle though has been the teenage boys. The generational mindset has been boys just need to suck it up, they will be fine. Fathers have traditionally been unsympathetic figures.

Things You Will Need

Time and understanding.

Step 1

Magnify the successes and move quickly away from the failures. A mistake many parents make is punishing a mistake, but simply brushing aside an accomplishment. This leaves a teen boy feeling as if success is unimportant, so why work for it.

Step 2

Talk with a positive tone. Yes, there are times when harsh wording is needed, but if a teenager hears harsh words constantly, they loose the desired effect. Instead, offer some reasoning to the teenager and explain an action.

Step 3

Give them jobs that set up the teenager for success, instead of failure. Avoid giving them a job list that will take 6-8 hours to complete. The fact is they will not do it incorrectly or perhaps not at all. Focus instead on creating chores everyday, that take effort, but do not engulf their life. As adults were become agitated with long days of work, so make our children do the same?

Step 4

Do not make the teenager a servant or hired hand. Make them feel as if their jobs are welcomed and appreciated. Turning them into a slave like figure will destroy their self confidence A confident teenager is a happy one, so make an attempt to show them how to be successful.

Tips & Warnings

Don't build false self-esteem, make sure it is real and earned.