This article has been inspired by a post by Derek on Social Triggers explaining how to go about improving your credibility on a blog, but I wanted to try and apply this here to InfoBarrel.

We all know there are thousands of people all over InfoBarrel informing and teaching.

However, many of the topics people write about ...

Have all been done before! (not necessarily on InfoBarrel)

But ...all over the internet, this is your competition for views.

The good thing about this is, a lot of this competition  is probably quite poor, this article shows you how your article can  beat the competition.

The problem comes as Derek from Social Triggers states is that the reader now needs more convincing than ever that you are the  one  to teach that material. That you are a 'qualified teacher'.

Derek claims that there is now a "content credibility crisis" that exists.

Not many people can disagree with that, much of what I read on the internet now, I have come increasingly sceptical over what I'm reading. "Don't trust what you read on the internet".

You don't have to think hard as to why this is getting worse and worse either, ever since publishing an article, creating a blog, forming a podcast etc. became so easy, the internet has grown in the amount of 'bad advice' that is on offer.

Now it's up to you need to come over this with your content and your brand, by forming credibility! Convincing your reader that what you have to say is 'good advice' and is worth reading.

But how?

Quite simple really, back your points up with facts and evidence.

What do I mean by facts and evidence: Statistics, Graphs, Charts, Experiments, Results, Studies, Case Studies, Academic Research etc.

All of which are reliable, that can be found with a simple search in a search engine, or better link it to them.

You need to be making sure though that you are doing this with every point made though, not hit and miss. 

Sounds reasonable, but actually why?

People don't trust you from the start.

They want some proof that you know what you are talking about. That you are a 'qualified teacher'.

The start... you have made a point ... you have backed it up with facts ... you have applied it well ... this then should create a trust between your reader and you.

Hence the more you do this ... the more the trust should grow ... this then leads to an increase in credibility.

Ok so I have improved my credibility, what has this achieved?

You should ultimately see your articles getting a lot more attention, as you have differentiated your article to others, even if they are around the same topic, as readers trust what you say more so than your competing articles.