Having a projector is great, and having a projector screen can make all the difference in the world. This how to will show you how to build your own custom sized wall mounted projector screen.

There are several advantages to building your own projector screen.
-Costs much less
-Can be as big or as small as you like. You do not need to adjust your projector for your screen size.
-Frame can match the decor in the room.

Things You Will Need

-A projector, mounted or in it's final position
-Blackout cloth from a fabric store
-Wall trim for the frame
-Trim paint or stain
-Finishing nail gun
-Circular saw
-Exacto razor blade knife

Step 1

Turn on your projector and display a picture that takes up the entire screen area. Solid colour images work best, and make sure your projector is completely in focus.

Step 2

Place the fabric over the four corners with excess material beyond the four corners. Use your finishing nailgun to hang the material, making sure it is tight with no wrinkles or folds. Refocus your projector if necessary.

Step 3

Use the image edges to determine the size of your trim pieces, mark them with the pencil and cut as necessary with the circular saw. Place your cut trim on the edges of the 16x9 image, and secure them with the finishing nail gun.

Step 4

Cut any excess material along the outside edge of the trim. Enjoy watching movies with crystal clear clarity on your new projector screen. Just be sure to actually watch what is on screen, and not admire your handy work the whole time you are staring at it.

Tips & Warnings

Have a friend help you out, someone will need to hold the cloth while the other person secures it to the wall.