Short of a live DJ, a digital jukebox is the ultimate party accessory. When you're hosting a party, you don't want to play DJ yourself all night, and not all of your guests may be familiar enough with online media, PCs, MP3 players or ipods to help. In fact, you might not want some of your guests near your primary computer or audio device. Digital jukeboxes are very popular in bars and clubs, especially bar top models, and if you've already ventured into building your own arcade system, adding a digital jukebox to the arcade is as simple as a few downloads and installations. You can easily build your own digital jukebox on a reasonable budget and provide interactive entertainment for your best parties.

Things You Will Need

Jukebox/Arcade Cabinet


Monitor (Touchscreen optional)




Power strip

Optional - Controller

Step 1

Jukebox Cabinet

Purchase or build your jukebox or arcade cabinet.

For bar top models, you'll want to build a small case designed to rest on a bar or table, yet large enough to enclose most or all of the components.

For console models, arcade cabinets work well.

Web sites such as and NorthCoast Custom Arcades offer pre-built cabinets and plans to build your own.

Step 2

Joystick Controller

Purchase and install an input controller (like a gaming pad or gaming joystick) or a touch screen monitor for jukebox selections.

Step 3

Connect PC

Connect all the cables and devices (keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers) to the PC inside the cabinet. Boot the PC and test.

Step 4

Install drivers and software for special input devices and peripherals as needed.

Step 5

jukenator screen

Download and install your preferred digital jukebox software.

Software options include several low cost and free options including those listed under resources below.

Step 6

Copy your digital music files onto your digital jukebox PC and configure the jukebox software to access the files and perform optimally.

With your customizable digital jukebox, be prepared for party requests.

Tips & Warnings