A coffee table is the center piece of the living room. Now-a-days to add more class & style to the same, people prefer using glass coffee table. Match it with the wall papers and your living room is complete with out any hustle bustle. It is rather preferred over and above the opaque wooden pieces because clear glass does not obstruct light in the room. This makes the room look more spacious. Besides, these tables define your lifestyle as well.

In trend these days are sleek & plain furniture with minimal or designs. Just pick up a simple wooden finish in its natural shades and you are done. What make this league of home furniture different from the prior trends are its shapes. Just log on to the websites of IKEA, Grand Harbor and Pier One, and you shall get to see some very intriguing shapes. While the legs have become shapely and classic, the top that is just beneath the glass has become the canvas for your imagination.

You can now portray your attitude & preferences in life with your furniture. Given here are some interesting tips that would help you make one for your self:

The primary materials that are required are the following:

· Glass top

· Legs

· Rubber stoppers

· Nails

· Hammer

· Adhesive for wood

For decorations, you can try using any thing. Some of the suggestions are as follows:

· Sea shells & sand

· Wall paper and glass paint

· Small statues & decorations

· Colored mats or cloths

· Artificial plants and flowers

How to make a classic glass coffee tables at home?

· First of all select the color pattern you wish to work on. For instance, if you wish to compliment it with a room that has white walls, you can try cherry tones in wood. Another good combination is darker browns teamed with cream shades.

· Now select the legs of the table. One way of doing it is to take up 4 thin legs like the traditional pieces. Another way is to join 4 or 3 ply woods to form a base.

· Between the legs place a board to make the base for decorations.

· Now select your decoration. You can stick up a matching wall paper or place some artificial plants. The artistic ones can try setting colored patterns using mats, sand, shells, etc.

· Finally place the mirror on the top with the help of rubber stoppers. It makes the glass stable and affixed.

Have a great time selecting and or making your own glass coffee table!