You have always been interested in cabinetry; therefore, you want to build a kitchen island. However, you want your kitchen island to enhance the décor in your kitchen. Below are steps to how to build a kitchen island out of cabinets.

Things You Will Need

Two cabinets (finished or unfinished)

Wood screws

Wood Skin or Adhesive glue

Molding/ Trim

Table top

Step 1

Take two cabinets. The cabinets can be unfinished or finished. Additionally, the size of the cabinets does not matter; you can determine the size according to the allotted space in your kitchen.

Step 2

Take both cabinets and place them back-to-back or side-to side. Once again, you decide how you want to position the two cabinets.

Step 3

Attach the two cabinets with wood screws. Use as many wood screws as needed to bind both cabinets.

Step 4

Cut the wood skin to the shape of the cabinets. Take the wood skins and put adhesive glue or cement onto the exterior of the cabinets. Make sure that you put enough wood skins or adhesive glue on to bind the two cabinets.

Step 5

Allow enough time for the cabinets to dry. You can test the cabinets to ensure that they are thoroughly connected.

Step 6

Decide on the type of molding and trim you want to outline the shape of your kitchen island. Once decided - put molding or trim to outline the shape of the cabinets. Remember – you can coordinate the colors with the décor of your kitchen.

Step 7

Decide the type of table top or material composition you want on top of your cabinets or soon-to-be kitchen island. Add table top.

Step 8

Put four casters on the bottom to make mobile.

Step 9

Paint the wood exterior. Remember – to color coordinate to match your kitchen's décor. That's it. Now – you have built a kitchen island out of cabinets.


Tips & Warnings