Before we start to discuss how to build a niche site, let’s enlighten ourselves first on what it actually means. By definition it’s just a simple website that focuses on one specific topic.  For example, you might want to build your site around food stains, discussing the various types and different methods of removing them. In other words, it focusses on a specific target, theme, and audience. In the example, the target is food stains, the theme is removing them, and the audience are individuals having problems with different kinds of stains. With this short description, I will show you how you can build your site within a day.

  1. Start with doing research on any topic that you think your target audience will find interesting and explore the keywords which you think will lead them to your page. When you do a google search on the keywords, avoid going after keywords with too many search results (1 million +) as you want to try and rank your site on googles 1st page. Too much competition will make it very difficult to rank well.
  2. Next you need to choose a platform to build your website. There are only two recommended platforms if you want a free one. Blogger is ideal if you want simple blogs or sites to build and WordPress is the better choice if you want more and useful plug-ins and features. 
  3. Create a name for your blog and ensure that it includes the product name, idea, and theme. Just follow the procedure your platform provides you when it comes to building the site from choosing a background template or themes for your design. It is just a matter of clicks and in a few minutes, your blog or site is ready to be uploaded over the Internet. 
  4. Write quality content for your blog. The most common post includes a welcome page.  It is where you say hello, welcome, and thank you for visiting the page.  The second post might be about reasons why the blog is important for many people and tell them what is in the blog and what to expect in the coming days. The third article is your first article about removing stains using lime juice for example. 
  5. Do not forget to promote your blog or site through your social media network accounts like Facebook and Twitter.  Ask your friends to visit and like your page or tweet your friends and ask them to retweet your tweet about the new blog or site.  Do the same with the first few articles; share it on social media. 
  6. Write for InfoBarrel or other directories for articles in order to get back links for your website or blog.

That is just day one; the succeeding days will focus on many things like checking views and traffic, composing more interesting and informative articles, navigating for similar topics/forums and sharing your articles or links by leaving a comment or feedback and promoting your site during this process (with permission from the owner of course). Indeed, the work of building a website is never finished in a day.  It is a daily process.