A pine wardrobe is a beautiful piece of furniture that is versatile and certainly worth the investment. Pine is one of the strongest and most durable types of wood and will last for a lifetime if properly taken care of. As long as you don't keep it in a damp room or clean it regularly with harsh chemicals, it will last you through the years and stay looking new and gorgeous. You can head out and shop for your pine wardrobe, but you may have a particular idea in mind and not be able to find it. In that case, you can make your own pine wardrobe and there are only a few basic steps involved.

First you must gather together the supplies and tools you need for the project. You will need some pine wood, enough for the size of wardrobe you want to build. You also need a ruler, level, nails, a hammer and finishing stain or paint to finish the wardrobe as you like it. You can always buy clear eurothane to coat the wood if you would rather leave it unfinished.

The first step is to cut your wood. You need at least six pieces: top, bottom, back, front and two sides. It is best to stain or paint the wood now, rather than waiting until after you have built the piece. This makes it much easier to paint evenly and ensure you do not make a mess or miss any spots. Give the paint time to dry-at least 24 hours to ensure it is completely dry-before starting to build the piece.

Start by putting together the sides and bottom of the piece. Use at least ten nails per side to ensure the piece is built securely, more if the wardrobe is larger than normal. Next you need to nail on the top of the wardrobe by nailing the piece of wood flat over top of the sides, back and front. You should have a sort of rectangular shape at this point. Depending on whether you wanted extra drawers in the wardrobe, you may need to add more pieces in at this point. You can use glue to attach any drawers or pull out shelves into the wardrobe. Hold with clamps until the glue has dried to ensure a sturdy hold.

It is pretty amazing to know you can build your own pine wardrobe and have a beautiful new piece in your home that you created with your own two hands.