Why Should You Build a Pond?

People with aquatic pets know that an aquarium isn't exactly the best place for them . The confined place results into their shorter life span which is in fact proven scientifically. Ponds are a great alternative to aquariums or if you just want to enjoy some natural wildlife in your backyard.

Unfortunately most houses don't come with built in ponds but making one yourself is not a tough job at all. For those who don't know how to make a simple pond , we can make one ourselves with a shovel a few basic things and watch a mini ecosystem grow in it.

How to Build a Pond
Credit: InfoTurtle.com
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Start Digging

To make a pond the first thing we need to do is dig up a hole of whatever shape we like and for a small size pond like the one in backyards a normal digging shovel is sufficient but you can switch to JCBs if you are going bigger. Now when we are finished digging we are going to remove all the sharp rocks from the hole and keep the soil because we will need it later.

Make sure that use pond has a slant slope on on of its side because if an animal falls in it unwillingly then the slope will help the animal get out of the pond.

That was it for the digging part. But remember if you live in cold areas make the pond few feet deep so it wont freeze.

turtle pond in making
Credit: InfoTurtle.com

After we are finished with the digging part we are going to line the pond with a layer of sand followed by a layer of any type of biodegradable material like newspaper. The last layer will be a waterproof pond liner will cover then entire pond and edges around the pond.
If you are thinking about installing a pump in it you will install it after lining the pond . Use extension cords if the pump can't reach the socket in your house. After installing the pump or any decoration that will require electricity we will trim the liner around the edges of the pond preferably up to five inches. Then we will cover the liner around edges with smooth river stones , use mortar to hold the stones together if they are smaller in size.

Finishing Your Pond

We can add lily pads or any aquatic plant that suits the climate of the area this will help the ecosystem sustain on its own. Bring in some gold fishes after you fill up the pond with water of course . You will not need any waste filter if there is proper balance between the plants and the fish but you can install one if you are being on the precautionary side and if everything goes right you will have a self-sustained ecosystem within a month.



Fish pond
Credit: InfoTurtle.com
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Now You Know How to Make a Pond

I hope with these instructions you will be able to make a pond where you can provide your beloved aquatic pets a nice natural habitat.