beginning web design

Everybody comes and asks me how to build a website. They have no idea where to begin. Either did I at first. Truth is, there are a million ways to build a website, but what's the best way to build a great website?

First, learn about content management systems or CMS's. The term sounds technical, but in truth they take most of the technical out of website design.

When choosing a CMS I recommend either a WordPress Website or a Joomla! Website. These are both great content management systems that allow you to easily add and manage text, images and video on the web.

On the other hand you could build a website with Dream Weaver and HTML, but I do not recommend this at all. A CMS will make your life much simpler.

Next you will need a domain name. Choose a domain name that is short and descriptive of what your website is about. For example if you own a pet store in Orange County California, would be excellent. Tip: Always try to get the dot-com version of the domain name. People usually remember these best and Google seems to like them better than .net .info etc..

Next get yourself a hosting plan. You will want an inexpensive hosting plan. I prefer Their service is fantastic and they will help you with anything you need. Hosting generally costs about $5.00 per month. Make sure to get the LINUX Hosting Package not Windows. WordPress and Joomla! run on LINUX Servers.

To install your CMS software (which is always free) check with your hosting provider. There will be a one-button-install process which makes things simple.

Now go to your domain and there will be small setup process where you input some information from your host. Now you are all set to start adding content.

Visit the admin URL for your domain and login. You will want to select a nice template. There are very many free templates available for download, but I prefer Rocketthemes from

WordPress and joomla differ as far as the layout of the Admin Panel, but the object is the same. You will want to create some good articles and then create menu links to display them as pages of your website.

Trust me when I say a CMS is the way to go when learning to build websites. There is a very large community of developers online that will be glad to answer any questions you may have. Before long you will be a skilled web designer.

To make things even easier on yourself and skip the hosting and setup process you can build a hosted-website. Your options for expansion become a little limited, but it's still a good way to begin. Take a look at and also For these types of websites.