You love shoes; therefore, you have lots of them. You are interested in building a simple, yet functional shoe rack for your closet. Below are steps showing you how to build a simple, yet functional shoe rack for your closet. Two examples of shoe racks are shown to illustrate how a person using the step-by-step instructions can design a rack that is suitable for the amount of space available in his or her closet.

Things You Will Need

Three precut boards

Rods (Two different sizes)

Tape measure

Drill bits

Securing pins

Jig Saw

Step 1

Purchase three precut boards from stores, such as Home Depot or Lowes. Two of the boards are for the sides and one board goes in the middle is for support. You need to purchase rods to position your shoes onto the rods. Remember - the rods should be different sizes.

Step 2

Use a tape measure to measure where you want to position the holes. Make sure all of the holes are even for both sides.

Step 3

Drill bits for the rods to go through the holes.

Step 4

Place the rods in the holes.

Step 5

Use securing pins to keep rods from slipping out of place.

Step 6

Second Design: Use the same concept as above, except you can use a jig saw to cut out the design. Notice that this shoe rack is considerably shorter and has only three shelves to hold shoes. Remember - the key to any shoe rack is customizing it to fit your space.

Tips & Warnings