How to Build a Successful Blog: Daddy Blogs Versus Mommy Blogs

There are no straight reasons why some blogs fail and others succeed. There are reasons why some bloggers make a living and others don’t. If you are not in it for the long run, you will fail. Most of those behind daddy blogs or mommy blogs have been doing so for a long time (years). It is only normal to create a blog and want people to come over and read what you have to say. Time should be your friend and you should definitely give it as much time as you can. However, time alone doesn’t explain why some mommy bloggers or daddy bloggers have been successful.

There is the idea that men are often behind most daddy blogs and women behind mommy blogs. At times it is a joint venture and both mommy and daddy doing their part towards making their blog succeed.

Which is better, mommy or daddy blogs?

If you take into account that a lot of the people on the internet are female, you might want to quickly conclude that mommy bloggers do better. There are a lot of female bloggers doing well and earning a living through their blogs. That is because they have persevered long enough.

 If you have taken the time to examine and compare the difference between mommy and daddy blogs, one thing will get your attention. Most female bloggers have colorful blogs with pictures and really family oriented appeal. There are other blogs like the Christian mom blogs; design mom blogs, frugal mom blogs, crafty mom blogs, Jewish mom blogs, etc. These blogs are often about mothers in different contexts. is one of those that have been around for a long time and has gone through ups and downs to get to where it is.

Daddy blogs are a little different. They are more to the point and are not as colorful and with pictures. There are gay dad blogs, single dad blogs, coupon dad blogs, divorced dad blogs, etc. The surprising thing about dad blogs is that they tend to imitate mommy blogs but with a different twist. There is less connecting and more facts.

Mommy blogs are more successful because of the way women generally connect with their readers. The design and the fact that women tend to reveal more about how they feel makes it easier for other women to relate to the writer. Male daddy bloggers just don’t open up enough and men don’t often search for information the way women do. This inherent differences impact how successful your blog will be.

That said, some daddy blogs are more successful than mommy blogs because they have less distractions (there are not that many). Mommy bloggers however get more return customers and that can impact the long term success of a blog.

What is a successful blog?

In the world of internet marketing, success is measured by the amount of money you make. Not everyone wants to make money off their blog. Some just want to be able to express themselves. That said, if you don’t have an incentive to write, it can be difficult to keep the momentum going for many years. Traffic and comments are a way to measure a blog’s success. If people are finding your site and commenting, you are doing something right. You can also measure success by the amount of people referencing your blog. Money isn’t everything when it comes to blogging. However, the more traffic you get to your site, they more you will be tempted to monetize your efforts.

How to create a successful mommy or daddy blog

If you are a man, you can still create a mommy blog. Some women will actually find it refreshing but you better not be too good. You need to be imperfect like everyone and that is more appealing in the world of parenting.

Time: If you are in a hurry to build readership, you will fail because nothing happens overnight. You don’t have to update your blog daily but weekly will be nice and you should have something interesting, funny or useful to say. Not everything that happens to you is worth blogging about.

Refreshing: You need to give your readers something that doesn’t exist elsewhere. You need to be unique but not necessarily different. Don’t go after coupons and other saturated niches.  A lot happens in the life of a mother or a father that you can share with your readers. For example, daycare nightmares; dealing with children on holidays; life with adopted children; being a lousy cook and almost poisoning everyone; losing a child; losing a husband and being a depressed single mother or father. The list is endless. What will determine your success is how well you write and if you can engage your readers. Remember, you are not alone. Mommy blogs or daddy blogs aren’t about you but about how people perceive you. People often get bored of monotonous blogs so you need to be sometimes depressed, elated, crazy, everything (it shows you are human).

Monetizing: In today’s world, you will often have to decide if you should seek financial gains from your blog. Most people do because blogging can be time consuming and making a few dollars off your blog will only encourage you to do more. Mommy blogs or daddy blogs fall into the same category. You have to decide how you want to approach it. If you are a stay at home mother, considering your blog as your job can be a confidence boosters.

Promoting and frustration: Successful blogs don’t happen are blogs that people have heard about and those who have tried and failed probably didn’t realize the importance of promoting their mom blog or dad blogs. That is because most start blogging because they want to say something and not just earn money. The problem is, if nobody can find your blog, you will be frustrated. That is why some have used emails subscription, RSS feeds, SEO, backlinking and other marketing ideas to get their blogs to where readers can find them.

Finding time to write: If you are a dad blogger starting out, you will probably have another job. At first, most bloggers will blog daily but their other life will often get in the way. There are no rules to how many times you need to update your mommy blog or daddy blog. That said, people like to see regular updates. If you have something interesting happening and you want to share it, you can write once weekly or twice weekly. The most important thing is consistency.

Guest posting: If you have a mommy blog, why not get your husband to write and give his views on raising the children. Giving your readers fresh information can help with your blog. The same goes for dad blogs. You can even get another friend that is a mother to write a guest post for your blog. You will be surprised by the number of women reading single dad blogs and vice versa.