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 If you run any sort of business or wish to make money blogging online, it is essential to have your own website. But, if you have little to no knowledge of HTML and CSS coding, the task might seem impossible. You can always get someone else to make one for you, but that is expensive. Some small business owners simply do not have the money to hire a site designer. The good news is, building websites today is easier than ever. With the addition of new user-friendly programs, almost anyone can make a basic website. If you've always wondered, "how can I build my own website", this article might be for you.

Purchase a Domain

The first step to making any website is to find a domain that you can use. A domain, or URL, is the name of the website that you type into the search bar. for example, if your business is about roller coaster design, you will want to find a name that represents roller coaster design, or find a name similar to that. If a domain is available, you may purchase it for around $10. If a domain is not available, it means someone else has already bought it and is currently using that name. Domains can be purchased easily on the internet through a domain seller or a hosting website.


Once a domain is purchased, you will need to find hosting for it. Building your own website requires a place to hold all of your files in order for them to appear on the internet. These sites host your files for you, and direct them to appear on the internet. Many hosting sites will give you a free domain when you sign up with them, so you may not need to purchase a domain in advanced if you prefer to do everything all at once. Hosting is easy to find, and most sites function the same. A years worth of hosting will cost you anywhere from $50-100.

Install a Website Builder

How To Build your Own WebsiteCredit: your site has found a host, you will need a program to help you design everything. There are a lot of these around, but by far the easiest and most popular tools to use are either Weebly, or Wordpress. To find these programs, first, log in to your hosts site. Most hosting sites make these programs easy to find by using icons on the home page. Follow the install instructions, and you will be ready to start building your site. Depending on which program you chose, designing options will differ. If you chose to use Weebly, creating your site is fairly simple with an easy-to-use click and drag system. However, unless you buy the premium package, you might find yourself somewhat frustrated with Weebly's free services. Wordpress, On the other hand, is the standard for most site builders today. Wordpress started out as a simple blog hosting space, but has since emerged as a very effective website building platform. With Wordpress, you can find good-looking themes, add plugins, and create content very quickly.

Design your Site and Add Content

After getting your chosen program installed, your site should now be visible by typing the name into any browser. This is an exciting point for your website, unfortunately, it probably won't look very good. The next thing to do is add content and manage the design of your site. Information on your website should clearly state what you or your company is about and contain the important information that your visitors will want to see. When it comes to designing, use Wordpress' pre-made themes section to give you a nice start. With some careful looking, you should be able to find a theme that fits the type of site you are trying to create. The best way to pick up design ideas is to visit sites in your genre that appeal to you, and try and emulate them. Unless you are very good at HTML, avoid altering the themes too much, since messing with the code might lead to some pretty nasty problems. 

Optimize Your Site for Search Engines

Finally, it is crucial that your site be optimized to appear in search engines. If your site cannot be found on Google or Bing, it will be difficult to reach your intended audience or generate any traffic at all. This is why getting your site higher and higher in search engines is of utmost importance. Unfortunately, really good search engine optimization is a difficult goal to meet. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a very broad topic that requires a lot of extra knowledge. Massive companies like Walmart or Coca-Cola will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to ensure that their website appears first on Google searches. It is possible to pay an SEO to help your own site appear on search engines, but this is also expensive. Doing SEO yourself might require some additional research, but it will be worth it in the long run. The key to remember is, as long as you are not trying to compete with some of the worlds biggest companies, and if your site has quality content that is consistently being updated, then over time, your site will climb the Google ladder and you will be running a successful website.