How to Build a Website for Free

There are many options to build free non-commercial websites. With lots of people turning into blogs, it will be unique if your start your own personal website. Creating a non commercial website is very much easy if you have little programming knowledge.

First Things First - Registering for a free Domain

Non- commercial websites can leverage the benefits of free domains that are available. The most popular free domain that is used today is of . You can get free domain names ending with All you have to do is to check the availability of the domain at . If it's available, you can get it for free.

Picking up the Template

Coming to the web design part, there are many free web templates available in the Internet. People with only little programming knowledge can use the Frontpage templates while the advanced users can make use of Dreamweaver or CSS templates. You can always change the pictures and wordings in those templates according to your liking. These templates are non-copy written materials and you will sometimes have to link back to the free template provider.

Free Web Hosting

Depending on your needs you should choose the Web Hosting service provider. I have used for my personal website with provides 5GB traffic and 500 MB space which is more than enough for me. Free hosting always comes with certain restrictions and it's not a matter for the non-commercial websites.

Add stuff and Spicing up

You can add more stuff to your website like a picture gallery, video player, music player and much more. There are many free javascripts available which are like ready made stuff for your website. All you have to do is to copy and paste the code in the HTML of your website.

All these come free and you will be a proud owner of your website. Checkout the website I made using the above mentioned steps. If you wish to get more traffic to your website you can opt Search Engine optimization strategies too.