Mail boxBuilding your own mail box will allow you to personalize the way that you interact with your mailman. It's a fun little project you can make with household tools and a trip to the hardware store.

Things You Will Need


Step 1

Before you begin to build your own mailbox, you need a post. Since most people don't have the proper post for a mailbox lying around, add this to your shopping list for the trip to the hardware store. Grab a post that's about 4 feet tall, this will allow you to put a few inches into the ground.

Step 2

The next item to buy (or build) is whatever you plan to use to mount the mail box. The easiest method is to grab a slab of wood and nail it to your post. Some posts come with pre-set pieces that fit together allowing you to easily assemble them. The best part is choosing the custom mail box for the mail man to use. If you are not feeling so creative today, just pick up the standard mail box from your hardware store.

Step 3

Now it's time to assemble the mailbox. Use nails, screws, or whatever other means seem necessary to attach the mailbox to the post that will hold it up. This is the part where you build your own mailbox. Make sure the post you are using is firmly planted in the ground.

Now you are ready to customize your mailbox and add in a little flair. You can paint the actual box and add appendages to make it look like an animal. You can nail some cowboy boots to the bottom of your box and build a western looking mailbox, the possibilities are endless!

Tips & Warnings