burn fat quick with a healthy workout program and diet

Burn fat quick with a good workoutNow is the time to burn fat quick because summer is fast approaching. When people hear you say "I want to burn fat quick" they often say you need to go on a diet. Well, that's only 1/2 the equation. To burn fat quick you need to start a diet (reduce calorie intake) and start a good workout program (burn more calories). Only by creating a calorie deficit can you burn fat quick. Here's some reasons why you need to start a workout program if you want to lose weight fast.

Not only do you get to burn fat quick with a workout but there are other benefits too

Working out with weights helps you to burn fat quick not only during the workout, but long afterwards, consider this..

An intense workout can elevate your metabolism for up to 36 hours AFTER the workout. A higher metabolism means more calories burned off which of course means you'll be burning fat for hours after your workout is over.

One study has shown that an intense workout just three times a week can help burn off almost 2 pounds of fat just from the elevated metabolism levels alone. So you can see with a good solid workout program you'll burn fat quick while you're working out, and long afterwards too.

Burn fat quick by adding lean muscle mass

Weight lifting will help you burn fat quick!An even better benefit of working out is that you'll add more lean muscle mass. Nothing can help you burn fat quick better than building some good muscle mass.

Lean muscle will burn calories even when it isn't doing anything. Studies have shown that adding just one pound of lean muscle mass will increase your resting metabolism by about 45 calories a day.

The key to building good solid lean muscle mass is a diet high in protein, building new muscle mass means working out and feeding your tired muscles.

Can't I still burn fat quick with just a strict diet?

Sure you can, but the results will diminish over time. If you don't workout while dieting up to 1/2 the weight loss you experience will be from losing muscle mass, and, the less muscle mass you have, the less calories you'll burn. So, over time you'll actually have to eat even less to achieve the same fat burning results.  There's no reason to skip working out, there's too much benefit from doing it to avoid it.

Will I still burn fat quick after I reach my target weight?

Only if you want to. But, when you get to your target weight you can eat even more than when you started your quest to burn fat quickly. Since you'll have more muscle mass than when you started your metabolism will be higher and you can eat (or cheat) more without gaining weight!  Never stop working out though as over time you'll start to lose muscle mass and once again you'll start gaining weight unless you reduce your calorie intake.

So, in closing, the benefits of working out to help you burn fat quick are undeniable. A good workout 3 times a week and a solid diet will help you lose weight fast and be ready for summer in no time. If you need more information there are many useful links on this page to help you burn fat quick too.

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