Do you have songs on your computer, and would like to know how to burn MP3s to a CD? There are 2 things you should know about this before you start. MP3s are small files, but when put on a CD they are not playable in all stereos (such as car stereos before 2004). On the other hand, the typical CD song file format is WMA. These are larger files, but they play in all stereos. If you need WMAs you need special CD burner software that will convert your MP3s. This article will explain how to burn MP3s as is to a CD in Windows that can be played on newer stereos as well as your computer.

Things You'll Need:
•    Blank CDs
•    A PC with a CD burning hardware

How to Burn MP3s to a CDCredit: automatthias a blank CD. You should use a CD that says "Digital Audio." Other data discs are intended to back up data, such as documents and photos. I've had mixed results when attempting to record to general data discs using basic CD burner software, so when you're learning how to burn MP3s I recommend the digital audio CDs.

Open the folder that contains your music. Click the song you would like to burn to a CD. Hold the "Ctrl" button down, and click more songs that you would like to burn. If you select too many, your CD burner software will cause a dialogue box to pop up to let you know in the next step for how to burn MP3s.

On the left, you will notice a menu that says "Music Tasks" followed by "play all," "Shop for music online," and "Copy to audio CD." The one to select when you want to know how to burn MP3s is "Copy to audio CD." You will notice that Windows Media Player opens. This is the CD burner software you will be using. On the right half of the program window it will list the songs you selected, as well as how much time is available in case you would like to add more songs. (If so, repeat step 3). If you have gone over, it will show you. In this case, highlight the songs you want to leave off your CD by right clicking the mouse and selecting "remove."

Click "Start Burn." This button is at the bottom left of the program window in Windows Media Player. And you're done learning how to burn MP3s using Windows free CD burner software! Now if you like, you can delete those songs from your computer to save space. Just listen to the songs on the CD. Or, if you have a newer stereo that plays MP3s, you can listen to them from there. Good luck!