Baseball is often fondly referred to as "America's pastime", and for many people there is no better way to enjoy a summer evening than to spend it at the ball park. Luckily, baseball tickets are relatively inexpensive and abundant compared to other professional sports tickets. Baseball tickets are also very easy to buy both online, and at the box office. This guide will show you how to buy tickets to any MLB game.

Things You Will Need

-A computer
-A credit or debit card

Step 1

Go to the official website for the home team of the game you wish to see. You can find this website by typing the name of the team (Example: "New York Yankees") into an internet search engine, most of the time the official website will be the first hit you get.

Step 2

Click the tab that says "tickets". All official MLB team web sites are standardized and this tab will be on the horizontal bar of links along the top of the page.

Step 3

Decide where you want to sit. On the tickets main page there will be an option to view a seating chart for the stadium along with the corresponding prices for all the different sections. Most stadiums even have an option to see a photo of the view from the section you select. Balance where you want to sit with the price you will pay. Baseball tickets are very reasonable, and there are frequently tickets available for about $20, however you may wish to pay a little more to sit closer, or in a section with a better angle of view.

Step 4

Checkout. Once you select where you want to sit you will be given the option to select how many tickets you wish to purchase. At this point you will either need to create a payment account with your credit card information, or sign in to your already existing account. Once you do this, you can proceed just like you would with any other online purchase.

Step 5

Get your tickets. You will be presented with the option to either have the tickets mailed to you (if there is time), or have the tickets held at the box office for you. If you choose to pick up your tickets at the box office, find the box office hours on the website, and when you go, be prepared to present your credit card for proof of identity.

Step 6

Enjoy the game! Once you have your tickets all that is left is to go to the game, and have fun.


Tips & Warnings

-Buy tickets early, seats often fill weeks or months in advance.
-If you don't like using your credit card online you can call the box office and buy tickets over the phone.
-You can also buy tickets the old fashioned way of going to the box office and buying them directly. This also gives you the option of using cash to pay for them.
-If you can't find tickets to the game you want to go to you can always try finding them on an online ticket reseller like Stubhub, Vividseats, or even Craigslist, or Ebay.