Frontline flea drops and sprays are leading methods of controlling fleas and ticks in both dogs and cats. These products use new safer alternatives to the old fashioned organo-phosphate insecticides which were extremely toxic, regularly causing poisonings to both pets and children. The flea and tick control with Frontline lasts a minimum of 30 days, and more usually lasts up to ten weeks in dogs and six weeks in cats. You can see then why so many people use Frontline flea treatments on their pets.

Knowing Frontline works, and knowing it is safe is one thing. The difficulty is knowing where to buy cheap Frontline. After all, flea control is an ongoing expense for the life of your pet so it makes sense to find a cheap source.

My first stop would be my local vet. The chances are their prices will be much higher than those you can find looking further afield. But double check and ask about discount Frontline for multiple purchases. Several drug companies offer free packs on large orders which customers often do not get to hear about. Ask your vet, maybe than can do a deal for you. But don't forget to check the expiry date as you need to use all you buy by then. It is always good to support local business, especially one as important as your vet.

Online pets medicine retailers can offer very cheap Frontline for dogs and cats. People are often worried about fakes or scams. But, if you buy from a large retailer you should be fine. I always choose a pet med outlet in either my own country or one with similarly high standards for safety and quality in medicines. I'm sure you can find legitimate products further afield, but I prefer to buy from somewhere I feel comfortable with so always buy from large retailers in the US, Canada, Australia or Western Europe.

When looking to buy cheap Frontline or any pet medicine it pays to do a little research. UK retailers stock Frontline Top Spot under the name Frontline Spot On. So if you are looking to save money, double check prices for both to widen your search.

Only buy from an online pets medicine retailer which feels legitimate. There should be clear customer information about the products, privacy policies, delivery and returns procedures. If a site doesn't feel right, continue searching elsewhere regardless of how cheap the Frontline is.

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