Ugg Classic Short Boots (30041)

Ugg boots look great and last for years, but they do not come cheap. With prices up to as much as $250 for a pair of womens ugg boots, they can be a seriously expensive investment. That said, there are many ways to buy Ugg Boots cheaply, without compromise.

  1. The best way to buy cheap Ugg Boots is to buy out of season. Try factory outlets, discount brand resellers in spring and summer. Many have the last season's Ugg boots on offer at great prices to clear the racks for their new summer lines.
  2. In season, the worst time to buy Ugg Boots is in the run up to Christmas and the start of winter. Everyone is buying boots and they are a popular Christmas present, so the stores and retailers price higher then and are less likely to discount. However, it's worth hitting the sales and trying the department stores on Black Friday or just after Christmas to get some good deals on Ugg Boots.
  3. You could also check out the local papers and local listings for used Ugg Boots, if you don't mind buying or owning second-hand. Ebay also offers used Ugg Boots that sometimes have only had a few wears and can sometimes look as good as new.
  4. Online shoe shopping sites also offer great deals on new Ugg boots. Just be aware – there are many fake fashion Uggs out there, so if an offer appears to good to be true – it probably is. Find online shoe shopping sites you can trust. You want Ugg Boots that last for years, not that fall apart after just a few days. Be sure to know the signs of fake Ugg boots and keep your wits about you. You could also try Amazon or the Ugg Store if you are buying online.
  5. You could consider Emu Australia or Bearpaw boots as an alternative. These companies offer many of the similar styles to womens Uggs, but do not boast the brand name. Emu boots are acknowledged to be better made than Uggs and are this year's hottest brand, so consider saving some dollars by investing in these instead. Bearpaw are not of the same quality as Uggs or Emus, but many people buy these and enjoy them just as much as the Uggs.

Whatever you choose, Uggs are an expensive fashion investment. However, a good pair, with proper care, will last for years and stand the test of time. When you consider the amount of wear you get over time, your Uggs should break down to just a few cents per wear – far less than the cheap alternatives or fakes.

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