To buy clothes online knowing they fit perfectly has become a reality. No more asking, “Do these pants make my butt look big”? Now you can know exactly how a pair of pants, a blouse, a skirt, or a dress will look on you before you buy it online., a British Company, uses bio robotics and virtual fitting rooms to take some of the challenge out of getting the right fit if you shop online for men or women’s clothing.

If you shop for clothing at, you’re able to see the clothes you’re interested in buying on a bio robotic mannequin with the exact dimensions of your body in a virtual fitting room. These bio robotic mannequins are capable of shape shifting into almost 100,000 different types of body shapes. The way it works is, you enter the specific dimensions of your body on the website and the site uses these dimensions to give a rendering of a mannequin in your shape and size wearing clothing that you choose from the stores inventory. This gives you a realistic idea of what the clothing would actually look like on you.

Apparently using bio robotic mannequins to model clothes for shoppers is working. was touting a 57% increase in sales and a 28% decrease in returns on their website as of June 2011. This is all in line with the stores goals of higher profits through increased customer satisfaction. is actually the name of the company and it’s web address. Take a minute to open another window or tab and go to their website and test it out. Pick out a piece of clothing, enter your dimensions, and see if it works for you. Then come back to the article and tell me what you think about the concept and the website in the comments section below. This could become a wave of the future when the masses learn how to buy clothes online knowing they fit.