Buying Clothes With Bad Credit, No Credit or Without a Credit Card

Online shopping has been one of the latest trends in the market that many people have adopted worldwide. Online shopping is considered easy to do and is much faster as compared to the old trends of shopping. Even so, online shopping is gradually becoming a challenge to many people from different walks of life. Trading using cash money is the primary means of doing business.

But, with the rise in technology many people have recently been using monetary cards such as credit cards to pay for their merchandise.  In the recent past, people could do online shopping using credit cards. Although it is still a popular means of online shopping, other merchants prefer other means of receiving their money. In this context, it is imperative to highlight and understand other ways of doing online shopping other than using cash money or credit cards.

  • PayPal is one of most popular means used by online shopper across the globe. PayPal is a monetary service, which is primarily based on the internet and allows its clients to make payments online. PayPal has so far be marked as a reputable service, which has been recommended and accepted by many online merchants and shoppers.

PayPal works as an online banking system. The clients can have access to their money and credits at any time. It is a system that allows the clients to make instant connections between the online banking system and the client’s primary bank.

  • A visa gift card is a system that uses handy cards. The handy cards are purchased using different denominations. These are cards that can be used at any place that accepts the use of Visa cards. They are used in the same way as store gift cards. Each card that buys has a specified value. Hence, a person is only limited to buy items online up to the maximum value of the card.  Alternatively, there are other visa cards and credit unions that one can obtain from his or her local bank. The purchaser has to reload money in these cards often in order to use them.
  • Debit cards are considered as a trustworthy means of purchasing merchandise online. These are cards that are recommended and suitable in most websites. The debit cards are used in the same way as credit cards while buying any items by online purchase. Debit cards like other online paying modes are limited only to the amount of money the purchaser has in his or her account. Hence, the card links a person directly to his account and can know the account balance while buying any items at his or her preferred seller.
  • Electronic Funds Transfers or Bank Deposits is a n online payment system, which is growing fast and gaining popularity. It is a common means of online payments often used in South Africa.   

Using the Buy Now Pay Later Option To Buy Clothes

Clothing catalogs such as Midnight Velvet, Seventh Avenue and Montgomery Ward offer you the opportunity to buy clothes through a catalog or online without using a credit card. You can either apply online for instant credit and begin shopping immediately or if you know you have really bad credit, you can request the catalog.  Once you get the catalog you order an item from the catalog and send it in.  They usually grant you credit of your items.  You then make sure you pay back your item on time.  This way you can build up a trust with them and they know that you are going to pay them back whenever you make a purchase on credit.  If you have a good payment history with them, then you will start receiving pre-approved clothing catalogs in the mail.

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The means of online payment are continually increasing as the demand increases. Currently, many merchants, business persons, and retailers prefer using these methods as compared to trading with cash. On the other hand, online money transfers are one of the safest means of trading.

Nonetheless, every person using such methods has to be on the lookout for related scams. It is evident that the use of monetary cards has introduced a significant loophole, which gives fraudsters an opportunity to steal from online buyers. In this regard, every person has to be careful while handling any online transactions.

Tips to consider while planning doing online shopping for clothes

It is crucial that a person realizes what he or she wants before going ahead to do shopping online.

It is more beneficial and time saving for a person to understand his or her body size. This is fundamental as one can like a certain designer cloth and receive a size, which is not appropriate for him or her on delivery. In order to avoid such disappointments, the online buyers should take time to make necessary body measurements. For instance, one can use a common tape measure to know his or her waist size. Similarly, knowing your height too can go a long way when getting a fitting designer wear.

Every person has their own taste of clothing. While shopping online it is easy to get carried away by the displays. In this context, a person doing online shopping should take time to pick clothes that fit his or her taste. In addition, it is useful for anyone to consider the advice of your cloth seller or designer in such capacities.

Internet theft is one aspect that every online buyer has to watch out for while shopping online. As mentioned earlier there are various reliable means of making payments to the online merchants otherwise you might find out that some of the online merchants are just but a fraud.

In such context, it is wise to counter check the cloth seller or designer in order to be able to evaluate the shops credibility and history. In this away one can obtain surety of delivery once they have attributed their money in effort of buying clothes. Hence, seeking for advice from friends or past experience buyers can be an eye opening moment before purchasing any clothes online.


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