"With this ring, I thee wed".  These avowals of love and commitment are exchanged by the bridal couple on their wedding day. In a fleeting moment there is a sparkle of diamond and the glitter of gold but to the wedded couple, there is more to the sparkle and glitter - their wedding rings symbolize a lifetime of commitment and the culmination of their love.

Different Wedding Rings

It is a good thing that there are more choices for wedding rings, especially for the brides. From a wonderful selection, brides can choose wedding rings from precious metals such as gold, white gold, and titanium.

The current selections include the traditional plain gold wedding band. There are also patterned bands in the fashion of Celtic designs such as the Claddagh which shows two hands cradling a heart; there are modern art deco designs incorporating symbols of love, friendship, and loyalty. Couples always choose matching rings, another symbolism of their wedded union. They can choose slim or wide bands, simple designs with or without a gemstone, or opt for double bands with elaborate stone settings.

The diamond is a favorite gemstone for wedding rings and rightly so for the stone symbolizes strength, purity, opulence, and love. Diamonds come in different cuts and carats. In the spectrum of colors, there are greens, blues, yellow, orange, pink, purple, red, and yes, black. The styling of the stones on the gold or white gold band can be styled to stunning perfection by experienced artists if you want a personalized look to your diamond wedding ring.

Choosing Your Diamond Ring

There are four factors to consider when selecting diamond women's wedding bands -- carat, color, clarity, and cut. Each of these factors will not be perfect in a diamond ring. One diamond ring may not have a stunning cut but the color is stunning or it may not have a good color but the cut is exquisite. You may have to sacrifice one factor to get the other. If size is more important to you then clarity should be sidetracked by carat. As to color, the colorless diamond is more valuable than colored diamonds, but this is very rare and therefore expensive.

The cut of your diamond will influence its sparkle and brilliance. The right width and depth of the cut will perfectly reflect the light that travels through the diamond. The wrong cut will rob the diamond of its radiance. A diamond, no matter carat will rely on a good cut to bring out its luster. Diamonds are graded according to transparency or clarity. The presence or absence of flaws such as scratches or the presence of trace minerals can lessen the value of the gem.


Diamond women's wedding bands are costlier than other wedding rings. Prices start at $300 while higher grade diamonds with elaborate settings can go up as much as $25,000 and beyond. However there will always be a diamond wedding ring suited to your budget.

Where to Shop for Your Diamond Wedding Ring

Shopping online for your diamond wedding ring is convenient and faster. Online merchants showcase their varied collections and offer discounts and secure banking transactions, free FedEx deliveries, and 30 days return option. You can also choose a bill-me-later plan for your diamond wedding ring.