When you buy diamonds you want to get it right the first time because they are so expensive. If you're looking at engagement rings you want to make sure that you stay in your price range while still getting a piece of jewelry that will make her say yes to your proposal. Jewelry salespeople may be focused on getting you to buy the most expensive thing they can instead of helping you learn about the process. Study before you go shopping for diamonds so you know what to expect and which questions to ask.

Be realistic. When you buy diamond rings you may have fantasies of getting a four carat ring to rival most celebrities. This can either end up with you being in huge debt or being scammed. Know the average price per carat weight before you go shopping. If the price range is drastically under what you were expecting to pay be skeptical. If you want to buy diamonds online beware of accidentally buying a synthetic diamond without knowing it first. Look for stores or auctions with a return policy so the piece can carefully be examined before finalizing the deal.

Know where to shop. If you know where to buy diamonds you may be able to save off of high mall jewelry store prices. Shop around at local jewelers to get an idea of what you want. Diamonds will always be expensive but some stores can save on their overhead costs. Also check out want ads where people sell diamonds from previous marriages or broken engagements. Have a jeweler check out the piece before you buy to make sure it's the real thing.

Express your personality. Diamonds don't have to be boring or basic. Colored diamonds will work well in a right hand ring or for an anniversary present. You can buy loose diamonds and have it set in rose gold or another metal that will give the piece a little flair for custom jewelry. Since diamonds are so expensive keep the look classic so you can wear the piece for the rest of your life.

Learn about the 4 c's. These include the cut, clarity, color and carat weight of the stone. All of these affect the price you should pay for the diamond and the overall quality of the stone. Heavily included diamonds will be worth less money. The smaller the carat weight the less you'll pay. The cut is the shape of the diamond. A unique cut like a pear or marquise will give your ring personality. Round cuts are traditional in engagement rings while a princess or square cut has modern styling.