It can be quite disappointing when you have been saving for that makeup for some time, and then when you are finally ready to buy it, you suddenly find out that it is no longer on sale.

The same can be true when your favorite cosmetic product is suddenly pulled out from the market. Manufacturers have several different reasons for discontinuing a product.

The most common ones for discontinued cosmetics would fall under lack of sales, makeup trend changes, and of course limited edition products. Whatever the reason is, losing access to your beloved product is a real source of frustration.

The good thing is there is actually a chance to get hold of these discontinued cosmetics. You might just need to spend some time, but it will surely be worth it.

One thing that you can do is to contact the company that produced the product. Usually, products that are pulled out from stores are sent back to the company outlets. In that case, you have a good chance of purchasing what you are looking for.

Try visiting cosmetic outlets because they may have the product you desire. It is very often that discontinued products that are no longer available in other stores are carried by these outlets.

Outlets of Saks Fifth Avenue have cosmetic departments that usually have items that are not available anymore in more popular retail stores. Marshal and T. J. Maxx are stores that you can also visit.

Employ the magic of search engines. Search engines for price comparisons will be a good type of search engine you can use, along with other search engines as well.

Just make sure that you type the exact name of the product you are looking for. You may find a site that carries the elusive product.

Most of the time, an item that is discontinued in mainstream stores appears in an online store. Don't forget to check on the world's largest online market, EBay

So go ahead and play the game of search detective and get rewarded with the hard to get discontinued cosmetics that you have been looking for.