Gift cDiscounted Gift Cardsards are a great idea for Christmas or Birthday gifts for just about every person in the world. They are even better when you can get them at a discounted price, but the balance is still the full amount. There are websites that allow you to buy a gift card for example, $20, but the card has $25 on it to spend. They come in all amounts and with even higher discounts.

You will Need:

* Internet access

* Money to buy gift cards for others or yourself.

What to Do:

If you need to buy a gift card for someone, or you are just looking for a deal for your own shopping, then you should really check out sites that offer used or unwanted gift cards at a discounted price. People who are not going to use their cards sell them to these sites for less than face value for cash, then these sites pass them along to you at a discounted price. If you are going to do a lot of shopping at a certain store, it is a great idea to buy one of these because you can get them for a few dollars less than the face value, but be able to spend the full face value amount in the store.

There are a few websites that offer these great deals. One is Right now they are selling a Foot Locker gift card for $40, that has a $50 value. They also have an FYE card that you pay $80 for, but it is worth $100.

You can also try logging on to, and clicking on the discounted cards link. This will take to you to their listing of great discounted cards. These cards can save you anywhere from a couple of bucks, to hundreds, depending on the card.

Also try checking out They offer the same type of service, but will have different cards in different amounts, so it is worth looking at all three sites to find the best deals. These can really save you some money on all of your shopping.


* If you have a gift card in your wallet that you are never going to use, you can sell it to these sites as well, to get some extra cash.