Electronic Hearing Protection

Electronic Hearing Protection (23645)Electronic hearing protection, or shooting hearing protection, are common devices used by hunters to prevent hearing damage caused by frequent use of firearms. Electronic hearing protecion devices are also commonly used in the workplace as a safeguard against loud industrial machinery. Electronic hearing protection works by muffling low-frequency sounds and loud noises. They usually come in ear muff style gear and they're worn over the head and obviously over the ears. Some electronic hearing protection comes in the form of a small ear piece that's inserted into the ear.

There are two different methods that electronic hearing protection devices use to reduce loud noises. The first method is referred to as the peak clipping method and this uses a mechanism inside the ear muffs to detect loud sounds and automatically cut them off. The second method uses a compression technology that reduces loud sounds into an acceptable noise level. The overall effectiveness of electronic hearing protection is based on its noise reduction rating. Electronic hearing protection devices are selected according to their intended use and the appropriate noise reduction rating. Before you run out and buy electronic hearing protection, you should carefully compare each device and select one that will provide the best possible hearing protection for the noise levels you're going to be subjected too.

Things You Will Need

Step 1

Choose electronic hearing protection with the right noise rating. Most electronic hearing protection devices have a minimum rating of 19dB. If you're exposed to shot gun blasts and chainsaw noise, you should select shooting hearing protection with a rating greater than 20dB for the the best protection. If you need a device to block out less harmful noises then basic electronic hearing protection rated at 19dB will work fine.

Step 2

Consider the comfort for electronic hearing protection. If you intend to wear it frequently at work, or at a shooting range, you should select shooting hearing protection equipped with an adjustable band for the best possible comfort. The muffs should also be padded so they fit comfortably over your ears throughout the day without causing excess pressure on your ears.

Step 3

Consider electronic hearing protection with noise cancellation technology. This is best for someone who will be frequently exposed to low-frequency sounds such as a motor or a fan. This type of technology uses a small microphone to detect low-frequency sounds and cancels them out to prevent damage. After constant exposure, low-frequency sounds can be very damaging if you're not using any electronic hearing protection.

Step 4

Take a look at electronic hearing protection that has a built-in radio. You can listen to your favorite radio station while the ear muffs use peak technology to cut out loud noises. These types of devices are suitbale for a landscaper, but they should be used in a safe working environment. You should not use this type of electronic hearing protection in potentially dangerous places such as a shooting range or while on a hunting trip.

Step 5

Compare the behind-the-ear electronic hearing protection devices. These are very similar to hearing aids and they're usually sold as "one size fits all". These are worn behind your ear and fit nice and snug inside your ear. They provide strong protection up to 29dB. These types of electronic hearing devices are best for loud machinery, and for anyone who doesn't want to wear the ear muff style gear.

If you're frequently exposed to loud and potentially damaging noises, it's highly recommended that you use electronic hearing protection to prevent loss of hearing. Firearm blasts and loud machinery can cause serious hearing damage or tinnitis. There are many different types of companies selling these products and Peltor hearing protection products are some of the best in the industry. Peltor hearing protection devices receive high ratings among consumers and they sell some of the best electronic hearing protection devices. Peltor hearing protecion products vary from headsets to plugs, and their electronic hearing protection headsets use both the peak and compression technology.

Tips & Warnings

Carefully select the right product for maximum hearing protection. You must pay attention to the noise level ratings for each one to make the best choice.