Would you like to save money next time you buy an MP3 player, PDA, cell phone, or other electronics? Do you mind waiting a week for delivery? You should consider buying your electronics online. In this article, you will learn tips on how to buy electronics from reputable online websites.

Step 1
Visit Amazon.com or Half.com. These sites are well-known and safe to shop. They also usually have the best prices. Other resources are Tigerdirect.com and Overstock.com (although I've personally never purchased anything from Overstock). Staples.com, Best Buy.com, Walmart.com, and Target.com are of course the online version of the stores you know. They're prices are sometimes better than their store because they do have online sales. And their selection is better than their stores.

How to Buy Electronics Online CheapCredit: Copyright 2011 AmberdawnStep 2
Browse by the item that you wish to buy. For example, if you are looking for an MP3 player, type "MP3 player" into the search function. A list of various models and brands will be listed. You can usually "sort by" the price, looking at the cheapest ones first. Or if you only want a particular brand, such as iPod, you can often sort by brand as well.

Step 3
Read the specs. Just like in the store, you can "read the box." The specifications of the product are usually listed when you click an item you're interested in. The reason I like to buy electronics online is not just the low price. It is also because I actually get more information from the website than I can usually get in the stores!

How to Buy Electronics Online Cheap(66231)Credit: Copyright 2011 AmberdawnStep 4
Read the reviews, but take them with a grain of salt. I find reviews to be very helpful because it gives me a sense of the pros and cons the item has for actual consumers, not just the specs that the company wants you to know. However keep in mind that some people like to complain, and write overly-negative reviews. If most people write long, thoughtful reviews that an item is easy to navigate, but a couple people write "I thought it was crap," with no specifics, don't be discouraged. On the other hand, if there are several reviews that have a mix of good and bad points, and the bad points are often the same, decide if the flaw is one you can live with.

Step 5
Purchase your item! You will usually pay by credit card or PayPal. An even better (safer) way to pay, in my opinion, is a pre-paid debit card. You can buy these at a bank or AAA office. You put a set amount of money on the card, and if the information from it is ever compromised, it is not connected to a bank account or your credit. So there is no risk of it hurting your credit score when you use it online.

Step 6
Decide on what type of shipping you want. The sooner you need your item, the more it will cost for shipping. On the other hand, some sites offer free shipping on items over $50, so most electronic devices will qualify for the discount.

Step 7
The only thing left to do is wait! Your new toy should arrive around the time specified when you chose your shipping method. Have fun with your new device. Good luck.