How to Buy Fake EyelashesAll you need to know about buying Fake Eyelashes

One of the best pieces of advise I can give someone who is looking to purchase fake eyelashes is to purchase the lashes that look most natural on them. I have put together some helpful information that is sure to make purchasing fake eyelashes an enjoyable and efficient experience.

Tips on how to buy fake eyelashes

a. Buy the fake eyelashes that are soft and and that are not cut in a straight line. The best fake eyelashes have lashes that are of different lengths

b. When buying fake eyelashes that you want to use on a regular basis, purchase lashes that are black in color. If you purchase lashes that are different colors you may have a difficult time matching that color with your wardrobe each day.

c. If you do not have enough time in your day or the patience to apply fake eyelashes than you should consider buying the full fake eyelashes. The full set is faster to put on and is very easy to apply.

d. If you want fake eyelashes that look very natural than you should consider buying the individual fake eyelashes. The individual fake eyelashes take a lot longer to apply then the full set, however they do look the most natural in the end

Brands of False Eyelashes that are available to purchase

When you make the decision to purchase fake eyelashes be prepared to spend anywhere between $5 to $50. Below are some brands of false eyelashes that you should keep in mind when making your purchase:

a. Ardell False Eyelashes

b. Mac False Eyelashes

c. Revlon False Eyelashes

d. Sephora False Eyelashes

Semi Permanent False Eyelashes versus Permanent Fake Eyelashes

Putting on false eyelashes can be time consuming and very frusterating. It is also very difficult to remove false eyelashes and you risk loosing your own eyelashes in the process. Semi-Permanent eyelashes are great for people that wear false eyelashes on a daily basis and no longer want to deal with putting on false eyelashes everyday. Semi-permanent eyelashes stay on for approximatley 1-2 weeks and fall off on their own. Semi-permanent eyelashes can cost anywhere from $100-500, depending on the location you have them put on.

Another option for those that do not have the time to put on false eyelashes everyday is to have Permanent Fake eyelashes put on. In order to have permanent eyelashes put on a cosmetic surgeon will have to do an eyelash transplant. This is the best way to achieve the most natural looking lashes. This procedure can cost thousands of dollars.

In my opinion, Semi-Permanent fake eyelashes are the best option to go with. This option is affordable and the end result is the same as it would be if you went with the Permanent fake eyelash option.