Learn how to buy flattering clothes

It's your big night out, and you want to look flattering. You've always wondered how that prissy neighbor of yours knows how to buy flattering clothes, and for the longest time you've wanted to know for yourself.

Stop delaying, stop looking average, and learn how to buy flattering clothes for yourself.

Using these tips below, in no time everyone will be asking you how to buy flattering clothes.

Things You Will Need

Wide Selection of Clothes to Try on

Step 1

Learn about your assets. Stop being delusional if you want to learn how to buy flattering clothes you'll first have to learn about yourself. Clothes can only do so much, and only if you do the right things with them. The first step is to decipher what on your body is your biggest asset (you may have more than one). If you have nice breasts, nice hips, a nice behind, or nice legs, that will all factor in to your purchases.

Step 2

Buy fitting clothing. Once you've decided what body parts you want to accentuate, purchase appropriate clothing. If you're shy about your overweight body have no fears. Oprah isn't exactly skinny, but because her clothes are on the baggy side she doesn't look bad. If your body is nice, don't be afraid to go with something a bit tighter.

Your neighbor knows how to buy flattering clothes because she shows you what she wants to show you her best features. If you have nice breasts, go with a v-neck instead of a turtle neck. Don't hide your assets! If you've got ugly legs, wear pants instead of a skirt. Learning how to buy flattering clothes shouldn't be rocket science, after all

Step 3

Buy some brand name items. While this isn't always true, the brand names are brand names because they are doing something right. We've all heard of companies like Banana Republic and J. Crew, and for good reason. While the clothes here might be a bit pricier than at a place like Ross, the clothes will be sure to flatter.

The designers at these high end companies have plied their trade for a long time and know what will flatter. The materials used are also far better, and the price that you pay will definitely show through. It's well worth it if you're looking to flatter.

Step 4

Buy some obscure name brands. Yes, you are reading it right. This point completely contradicts the previous point, but sometimes being the only person with something makes a difference. There are hidden gems out there to be found, so if you drive by that small clothing store everyday on the way to work, give it a chance one day. The good thing here is that the clothing will probably be something that people haven't seen before and sometimes that in itself will flatter that special someone in your life.

Walk into that store that you've always been curious about, go find something at a place like Filene's Basement that you've never seen before. Chances are it will be on sale and you'll save some money while you're at it.

Step 5

Pick up a mainstream magazine. We all get our tastes and preferences from what the rest of the world is doing, so pick up a popular magazine like Glamour and see what all the beautiful celebrities are wearing. Even if you can't afford those clothes, it'll give you a good idea of what the trends are. Haven't you always wanted someone to compare your flattering looks to Angelina Jolie's?

The bottom line is you need to go out and try all the different brands on. Some clothes are cut for models and others are cut for the rest of us. We come in all shapes and sizes and it's just a matter of finding that brand that flatters you most.

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