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People who downsize, live in dorms, efficiencies or small apartments often find buying furniture for small spaces a challenge. Although decorating and furnishing small living areas can save you money since you don‘t need many items, you have to maximize the space available. However, with the right pieces of furniture for small spaces, you can create a cozy and inviting environment.

Living Room Furniture for Small Spaces

It’s important to buy multi-purpose furniture when your living quarters are reduced. For example, efficiencies typically don’t include a bedroom. There’s generally an open-floor room just big enough for a small living room/bedroom area and a small dining set.

If you have a living/bedroom combination, consider buying a futon, daybed or a sofa bed. You can turn your efficiency into a bedroom at night and a living room during the day. If you have a bedroom and a living room, futon or sofa bed might still be advantageous, as you’ll have sleeping accommodations if you have overnight visitors.

A chest can turn into a coffee table and provide storage. If you buy end tables, look for tables with drawers or doors.

Bedroom Furniture for Small Spaces

If your storage or closet space is limited, consider buying a bed frame with storage drawers. You may not have to buy a dresser if you use the drawers for your clothes.

A bunk bed is another option. Some bunk bed frames come with a desk attached to the bed’s frame. This type of bed is generally made out of metal pipe, although some are made out of wood. This type of bed typically comes unassembled, so you have to be good at following directions or pay someone to assemble it for you. All the screws and nuts come with the bed.

If you have a regular bed, you can still use the space under it for storage. For example, buy large, plastic storage boxes to store clothes. During the summer and spring you can store your winter clothes in the containers and slip them under the bed. Take out your winter clothes in the winter and store your summer clothes. This way you can keep your closet clutter-free and organized.

Dining Room and Furniture for Small Spaces

Consider a table/desk combination. Some tables have drawers that you can use for office supplies.
A bistro set is also ideal for small spaces.

Miscellaneous Items and Furniture for Small Spaces

  • A small entertainment center is a practical investment when you have limited space. An entertainment center with drawers provides storage space and an area for your television set. If you don’t have an entry closet, an armoire can provide a place to hang your coats, jackets, scarves or hats. The bottom drawers can store files, office supplies or books.
  • Putting too many small items on a shelf can make the shelf appear messy. Instead, buy organizing baskets or cloth organizers. Place your small items in the organizers. Arrange the organizers neatly side by side on the shelves. You can use the organizers for office supplies, CDs, remotes, files or anything that you need to put away. Position a couple of artificial plants on the shelves to add some color.
  • Laptops are more practical when you live in an efficiency or small apartment. You don’t have to find a place for the tower and you can just put it away when you’re not using it.

A few wall decor items can turn your small living space into a cozy and relaxing place for you to come home to. Small living spaces look more attractive if they’re kept uncluttered and organized. Remember that when it comes to furniture for small spaces, less is more.

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