Gift buying for little kids is not as easy as you might think. This is especially true if you are a single man wandering aimlessly around the local mall looking for something for your best buddy's kid. Well, here are some ideas on what to get the little tyke. The easiest thing to do really is to put yourself in the kid's shoes.

Think about what you would have liked to have when you were young. Remember all those times when you asked your parents for the cool new toy and they gave you a loud garish sweater instead? Yea, adults do that out of pure selfishness. They think it's fun and cute for a little boy to be wearing a Rudolph the Reindeer sweater on Christmas instead of giving him that train set he wanted. Anyway, give the kid something cool. Something you know he or she would enjoy.

If you are a guy and you are shopping for a little boy, then it is a little easier. Get the kid something that you used to enjoy. So gifts like Legos (make sure he is old enough for it to not be a choking hazard) are always great because they foster creativity. You could also consider getting him a junior golf set or other sports related products. Try asking his dad if he is into one of the many trends floating around these days. A few years ago, Pokémon was all the rage. These days, well who knows? But if you can get this information (trends tend to change depending on when you read this article), then your shopping becomes a whole lot easier.

Now if you are shopping for a little girl, well, that will be only a little harder. Little girls love to play dress up and also love dolls. So you could get her something cool like that. But guess what? If you are in a toy store, you can even ask a woman for advice. One of the best dates I ever had was when I was buying a gift for my little niece and I made this information public to a group of ladies who were there buying something for their nieces and nephews. Well, one of the "aunts" was single and could not get over how sweet and thoughtful I was.

Whatever you do, please stay away from DVDs and Video Games. Remember that kids these days get more than enough of screen time in front of computers and televisions. Try to buy them something that will have them playing outdoors or using their imaginations. It is so important that we help our kids become active and well rounded young people.

One last suggestion could be puzzles which are great for both boys and girls. Puzzles are cool because they present a challenge that must be overcome and they can be great for bringing the family together. Anything that gets the kids and their parents to spend time together makes for a great gift