Gold is a booming investment and it appears the boom will remain hot. The question for investors is how to build gold bullion. People maybe surprised to learn that purchasing gold is not that difficult, meaning building gold bullion in a portfolio is easy.

Things You Will Need

Money and a plan.

Step 1

Figure out a plan of attack. Like anything, make a plan of how much gold to buy. Figure out how much from a stock or bond portfolio to transfer into gold. Traditionally, this is no more than 20% and that number remains wise at this point.

Step 2

Take that cash raised from the sale of stocks and purchase the gold. It may also be prudent to toss a little of that cash on hand as the dollar continues to drop. However, keep enough cash for emergencies.

Step 3

Target the form of gold. For the experienced gold buyer, gold coins can be a great investment. Owning some ship wrecked recovered gold coins is both exciting and a great investment. However, for the newbie investor, it is wise to stick with gold bullion coins. For example head towards items such as the American Gold Eagle and Gold Maple Leaf. Another option is to simply buy gold bars, but that is very expensive.

Step 4

Research dealers and learn every thing about them. Who to buy the gold from is as important as where. It might be wise to simply purchase from the state owned mints such as the US Mint if possible.
Learning how to buy gold is a challenge, but something well worth learning.

Tips & Warnings

Stay educated and keep the eyes open for scams.