Thousands of individuals who have battled their weight for years are having tremendous success using HCG for weight loss. This fat-releasing hormone that once was only available via injection only can now be purchased in oral drops, pills and transdermal gel form as well. Due to the increasing demand from consumers wanting to buy HCG for weight loss, more and more websites are appearing everyday, claiming to sell the best formulation at the best possible price.

Where Can I Buy HCG?

With so many online vendors selling HCG drops, it can be confusing to determine the safest and best way to buy HCG. Unfortunately, you need to be aware that not all websites selling HCG are legitimate, and not all are selling actual HCG. Many consumers have set out to buy HCG online, only to send their payment and never receive the product. Others received the product only to discover the hard way that it wasn't really HCG.

We don't want you to become another victim of an HCG scam, so we've set forth some guidelines to help you safely purchase HCG in order to start your weight loss journey.

Buy HCG Online – Guidelines and Tips

There are many fraudulent online pharmacies which require you to pay using Western Union or bank transfers. Do not make an HCG purchase using either of these methods of payment, as it is most likely a scam.

Never purchase HCG from Craigslist, eBay or other classified ad or auction sites. You may end up with something that is not HCG, in addition to not receiving any product at all. There is an abundance of unhappy customers who made this mistake.

Only make your HCG purchase from a company in the USA – otherwise you have very little, if any, recourse if it's not legitimate. Also, it's not wise to purchase HCG from a company that does not provide an actual physical address and working telephone number that a real person actually answers, as opposed to simply voice mail. A website may appear to be owned and operated in the U.S. but don't take that for granted because it often is not.

Make sure the HCG you are buying is produced in the USA. Because of the high demand for HCG, many suppliers are selling low cost varieties of HCG made in China. Ask the company who manufactures the HCG they are selling, and who their supplier is. Make sure the product has a legitimate HCG label. A bad quality or imitation product made from something other then HCG could potentially harm your health.

Ask questions about the actual product you will receive when you go to buy HCG for weight loss. Contact the company to confirm that you will be receiving the same product shown on their site in the photos.

Always make sure that the company from whom you buy from also provides a significant amount of information regarding the use of the product, including the complete HCG protocol, dosage information, and recipes. Also be sure they provide available support before, during and after you do the HCG diet. You don't want to buy HCG and then not know how to use the product or how to follow the plan. The HCG Protocol is a very specific plan that must be followed step by step to work at all. You can't just lose weight for a few weeks and think you're done – the weight will come right back.

Decide whether or not you want to buy HCG drops, injections, pills or transdermal gel. Genuine homeopathic oral HCG drops are just as effective for weight loss as HCG shots. The shots require a prescription and generally are given at clinics, thus making HCG drops often a more convenient and much less expensive route to go. Whichever form you choose, be sure it is authentic HCG from a reputable supplier.

Don't provide your credit card number and other information via email. Legitimate online companies will provide a secure way to submit your credit card information either online, using a third party which will process your payment.

Be wary of hidden costs, such as tax, shipping and handling, etc. Also, make sure your purchase includes everything you need. Find out before you pay if you need to order the protocol, recipes, etc. separately, thus making the total much more than you expected when you thought you were getting the HCG at such as low cost.

Before you buy HCG, make sure the company actually has it in stock. You don't want to end up waiting several weeks when you had planned on starting the diet in a few days.

Make sure the company from whom you are ordering your HCG is following the accurate protocol. If you are purchasing HCG oral drops be sure that they are not trying to get you to take a dose which is too low (and thus appears to be much less expensive). This will result in much slower weight loss, and will pad their pockets buy requiring you to purchase from them over a longer period of time. There are strict conversions to follow when using HCG oral drops to ensure you are following Dr. Simeon's protocol correctly.

If you order an HCG kit, carefully check the prices. The minimum number of doses required for the protocol to work is 20, so if the kit is for fewer days you are wasting your money. It is VERY important that you compare the HCG prices on an per-ounce basis, not on the number of days they claim it will last. For example, many websites advertise a "26-day plan for just $99" but upon closer inspection you will see that it's only 1 oz of HCG. One ounce of HCG on the correct dosage will last one week.

Last of all, it is highly recommended that you buy HCG for weight loss from sellers who have actually done the program themselves. Not only will they be much more knowledgeable about the program, they will usually be much more helpful to you as well as enthusiastic about your success. These are few and far between, so purchase with caution.

The bottom line for purchasing HCG - do your research! The HCG protocol for weight loss is very effective and can be a weight loss cure if done properly, but you must buy HCG from a reputable company that provides the necessary support, excellent customer service, and a high quality product.