steel camping cookwareBuying Camping cookware isn't completely different from buying pots and pans for your kitchen. But you should ask yourself how long will you be gone? Is it easy to clean? Is it durable? All of these questions are important to consider when shopping for quality camping cookware.

First find non-stick cookware. You probably have lots of these pans at your home—but don't bring them! Camping cookware will take a beating and you don't want to ruin your nice kitchen cookware. Non-stick cookware will make cleaning up after your meal a piece of cake. Without no-stick, your life will be miserable.

Next make sure the cookware is durable. If you are going to lug it around in your car you don't want it to break or crack. A lot of the little camp stoves aren't very durable and will get mutilated or break in your car. Also it's a good idea to make sure they can withstand the heat of the fire or whatever you are planning to use to cook.

Be conscientious about the weight of your pans. You want something durable but not something made of lead—it's not practical to carry around in your back pack or even to and from the trunk of your car.

Get a variety of different pots and pans. Different pans are made to cook different things and the best way you can make quality food and preserve your pans is to use them for what they were made for.