How to Buy Sports Tickets Online Through StubHub

Since 2000, StubHub has been providing a convenient place to buy sports tickets online, where you can purchase these tickets from other "regular" people who are looking to sell their tickets as opposed to purchasing overpriced tickets from professional ticket scalpers.  This allows you to find good seats at reasonable prices if you are patient. 

StubHub also provides a safer environment to buy tickets online than going through something like Craigslist.  If there are troubles with your order, StubHub can step in to help.  However, you most likely will not have problems.  I have used StubHub twice, once to watch a game at Wrigley Field and once to watch a game at Fenway Park, and both instances ran smoothly.

Despite the notoriety of StubHub, some people still have not heard of them or used them.  If you want to buy tickets online through StubHub, here is the way to do it.

  1. Register with StubHub - In order to buy tickets you must be a registered user.  Registering is easy, as you just click register and fill in your email, name, address, phone number, and create a password.
  2. Locate the event you want to attend - Just about every sporting event you could want to attend is available on StubHub.  You can locate the event by clicking to it or by searching for it.  If you click towards the event, click on the name of the home team.  You can then scroll through the list of games with available tickets.  Once you find the appropriate game, click on the link to take you to the list of tickets.
  3. Find the tickets you want - After clicking on the game, you are brought to a page that shows a seating chart as well as a list of all available tickets.  The list shows the price of each ticket, the section where the seats are located, the row of the seats, the number of tickets available, and if electronic ticket delivery is available.  Simply find the tickets you want and click the big "Go" button.  It is possible to buy less tickets than the quantity available, which you will find out on the next page.
  4. Confirm ticket details - Select the quantity of tickets you want, confirm the delivery method and delivery price, and confirm the price of each ticket.  Once you're happy with that, click the big "Next" button.
  5. Buy your tickets - In order to confirm your order you will need to complete your name, country, and phone number.  You may pay by credit card or PayPal.  Once you fill in your payment information it is time to review your order and make your purchase.

Once you have completed your order the seller is sent a note that a sale has been made.  They are encouraged to immediately confirm the sale, but they actually have 48 hours to confirm.  Regardless, the tickets will be to you by the date of the event. 

StubHub is a great way to buy after-market tickets at reasonable prices.  StubHub is not a ticket broker, but instead a way for buyers and sellers to meet up in a safe online environment.  They will bring the two sides together, and will also provide protection in case a problem arises in the sale.  Give them a try the next time you are looking to buy tickets online.