Want Discount Uggs?

The name in footwear for comfort and luxury is Ugg Australia, and there are ways to buy Ugg boots at a discount if you know how to look. Ugg boots are made from only the highest quality materials, and the price reflects that. These boots and shoes are designed to last season after season. Uggs are a boot that pampers your feet, so the price is an investment for something you will use often.

Ugg Australia began twenty-five years ago, when it's founder, a surfer named Brian Smith, set up shop in California with a bag of sheepskin boots. He created these boots to keep his feet warm between waves. This boot, made from a Merino grade of sheepskin, is soft enough to walk on the sand. No two pair of Ugg boots will fit your foot the same way. Over time they will stretch and mold to your feet, like the boot was made just for you.

Since the company's beginnings, Ugg Australia has grown to include a wide variety of footwear styles, including shoes, sandals, slippers, and a large selection of fashionable boots.

You can buy boots at a discount if you are armed with the right information while you shop online or in stores. To aid in your search, the first thing you have to do is measure your foot. You need to do this because women can fit into children's sized shoes and boots. For example, if you are a size six shoe, you can buy a size four or five children's boot or slipper. This is a HUGE savings because the same styles are significantly cheaper if you buy a "Youth" Ugg as opposed to an Ugg for "Women". You can go to any upscale children's shoe store and try on a pair for yourself. You wouldn't be the first!

How to get Ugg Boots for LessCredit: www.pixabay.com

Another helpful hint is to buy your boots off season. While many people have visions of sandals in their heads, a savvy shopper knows that she can get hers for less if she shops for them in spring and summer. Does it really matter that when you do get to wear them that it was last year's style?

If color is not a concern, you can get a discount on Ugg boots that are in brighter hues.  These tend to be discounted before the more neutral tones of black, beige and gray.

One popular website for buying these boots is Zappos. Not only do they carry a large variety of the Ugg Australia line, they sell the Ugg boots at a discount at the end of the season. Just search for Ugg and go to the sale page. The style and quantities may differ, but the savings you yield is worth the wait. Best of all, Zappos offers free shipping both ways. If the fit is not right, simply send it back on them.

Shoes (dot com) is another online retailer that offers Ugg boots at a discount, especially in the warmer months. As with the other websites, sizes and styles vary. UPS Ground shipping is free on all purchases and upgraded shipping is available. You can get a free prepaid return shipping label online or by regular mail.

If you are a member roof a customer loyalty program like the one at DSW, then you earn points for each purchase you make at the store. Every quarter, you will get money saving coupons for anything else you purchase at the store with no exceptions.

If you like the excitement of an online auction, then try Ebay as a place to buy Uggs. Boots are offered year round, and you never know what someone is going to put up for auction. If you have a particular style that you are looking for,  just do a "saved search" and when it becomes available in an auction, an email will be sent to your inbox letting you know.

Once you begin bidding, you can out in a maximum bid and see if you are a winner at the end. Some sellers will offer a "Buy it Now" option if they need quick cash. Always ask what the return policy is, as some sellers do not permit you to return an item.

While expensive, if you know how to shop for Ugg boots, you will be able to wear your favorite footwear at a fraction of the cost.