Perhaps the only bigger purchase than a house is the car. Americans love cars and as consumers the car offers a big challenge. Faced with the pressure salesmen, picking out the right car can be difficult. Becoming an educated consumer can help ease the process and turn the tide to your favor.

Things You Will Need

Time to research.

Step 1

Start by deciding on which cars fit the needs. This can help avoid buying more car than needed. If the car is a secondary car in a family, it doesn't have to be a large vehicle. So focus on sedans or coups.

Step 2

Search the different brands and makes and begin pinpointing which ones are attractive. Then build a list of things that are important in a car. With that list in hand, begin eliminating different makes. After that go into a more specific search with the remaining makes.

Step 3

Car RepairsSearch Google for the makes that have made the initial cut. Look for such things as price, safety, repair costs etc. Make a list of which makes perform the highest in each category. Also, decide which feature is the most important and build a grading scale, with more importance on those features deemed most important.

Step 4

With a specific list in hand, compile all the positives and negatives of each targeted make. Then head to the dealer, armed with retail price and the problems the car possesses. Listen to the sales pitch and then begin noting that car A has this, but car B offers something more etc.

Step 5

Have finances in hand. Do not finance with the car dealer, let them know that money is on hand and ready to go. Of course start below the amount and work upward, but having cash on hand will often help push the price down.

Step 6

Always be prepared to walk away. Make it clear if your needs and price or not meet, then you can find another car. Especially in these times, dealers are looking for sales, so use it against them.

Buying a car can be difficult, but if done the right way it can be a rush.

Tips & Warnings

Be educated and be willing to look around.